Adding Evacuation Instructions to your WolPass

How to add evacuation instructions to your WolPass. You must have the WolPass Manager user role to make changes to the WolPass.

Provide instructions in the case of an evacuation while your visitor is on-site. This is particularly useful for health & safety requirements and more complicated procedures.

Enabling Evacuation Instructions

1. Go to Tools > WolPass Management

2. Click View next to the WolPass you want to manage

3. Select the Evacuation Instructions tab

4. Enter any instructions in the text box

Please Note: You can only enter text instructions in this section. Any images will not display on the WolPass.

5. Enable the instructions by ticking the checkbox

6. Click Preview to see an on-screen preview of your new WolPass settings

7. Click Save & Close to save your changes and return to the WolPass Management screen or click Next to continue making changes

The Evacuation Instructions will appear in the Instructions section on the WolPass for your pre-registered visitors.

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