Enable OnPass for a location

Learn how to enable OnPass for sending to pre-registered visitors. You must have the OnPass Manager user role to enable this option.

Before your employees can send an OnPass to their pre-registered visitors, the OnPass must be enabled for their location. They will also need to have an active MRI OnLocation account to send an OnPass to pre-registered visitors.

You can enable a single location or use the run action menu to enable multiple locations. 

Single location 

To enable OnPass for a single location:

  1. Go to Tools > OnPass Manager.
  2. Click the Enable next to the location you want to enable the OnPass for.

  3. Click Yes to confirm you want to enable the OnPass.

Multiple locations

To enable OnPass for multiple locations:

  1. Go to Tools > OnPass Manager.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the locations you want to enable the OnPass for.

  3. Click Run an Action, then select Enable OnPass.
  4. Click Run Action.

If you want to disable OnPass later, click Disable, then click Yes to confirm.

Next step: Update the email template so it contains all of the information you'd like to present to your visitors.