Common Tasks Performed with the WOL API





Staff Management

Add Staff

Creates a new staff profile

POST /staff


Update Staff

Updates a staff profile

PUT /staff/{id}


Delete Staff

Deletes a single Staff profile based on the ID supplied

DELETE /staff/{id}

Location Management

Add Location

Creates a new Location

POST /location


Update Location

Updates a Location

PUT /location/{id}


Delete Location

Deletes a single Location based on the ID supplied

DELETE /location/{id}

Department Management

Add Department

Creates a new Department

POST /department


Update Department

Updates a Department

PUT /department/{id}


Delete Department

Deletes a single Department based on the ID supplied

DELETE /department/{id}

Visitor Person

List of Visitors

The Visitor endpoint returns a list of visitors

GET /visitor/person


Add new Visitor

Creates a new Visitor Person

POST /visitor/person


Update a Visitor Record

Updates a visitor person.

PUT /visitor/person/{id}


Delete a Visitor Record

Deletes a single Visitor Person based on the ID supplied

DELETE /visitor/person/{id}


View a list of notifications sent

The Notifications Endpoint returns a list of messages sent to staff and visitors.

GET /notification


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