About the WhosOnLocation RFID utility tool

RFID scanners usually communicate with the computer using a PC/SC interface, this provides access to the card microchip for sending/receiving APDU commands. One of these commands is to read the serial number from the card.

Since WhosOnLocation is accessed from a web browser we do not have direct access to the RFID card to detect when it has been swiped and read the serial number. We need it to behave like a keyboard so the serial number is input to the browser window like it has been typed in, our application can read this and take the appropriate action.

Some RFID reader manufacturers allow this as a custom setting but not all, we provide the WhosOnLocation RFID utility tool do this action. It will run as a system-tray utility, connect to the first available PC/SC reader, detect card swiping and then inject the serial number in to the keyboard input like it was typed in.


The details of the tool are:

Company Name: WhosOnLocation
File Description: RFID utility
File Version:
Internal Name: RFID utility.exe
Legal Copyright: (c) WhosOnLocation Limited. All rights reserved.
Original Filename: RFID utility.exe
Product Name: RFID Virtual Keyboard
Product Version:

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