Supported Hardware

WhosOnLocation can manage who is on-site via Kiosks (self-sign in) and/or desktop users (receptionist or guard). Employees and Contractors may use a smart phone. Hardware is not included with your subscription. 

Below are some typical setups (makes/models/suppliers) that depending on your operational requirements you might need one of the following or a mix of them.

iPad Kiosk  | Windows tablet Kiosk  | Windows desktop KioskReception/Guard | Smartphones

iPad Kiosk

w1200_dbfd_ipad-wall-mount-bouncepad-wallmount-in-black-uk.jpg ProductImage_QL820NWB_Center.jpg BA9C0C78-89EA-40DC-BFE3-91AE47B3ABC0.jpg
Kiosk Printer Scanner (Barcode & QR)




Windows tablet Kiosk

fix-surface-pro-4-stuck-on-preparing-windows-740x423.jpg ProductImage_QL820NWB_Center.jpg BA9C0C78-89EA-40DC-BFE3-91AE47B3ABC0.jpg pcprox-plus.jpg
Kiosk Printer  Scanner (Barcode & QR)  Scanner (RFID)


  • Device - Windows Surface Pro or Surface 3+
  • Browser - Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, or Chrome.



Windows desktop Kiosk

thinkcentre-m900z-aio-feature-1.png Dymo-LabelWriter-450-IMG.jpg 38-209-031-03.jpg pcprox-plus.jpg
Kiosk Printer Scanner (Barcode & QR)  Scanner (RFID)


  • Device - Windows desktop (Touch or Non-Touch)
  • Browser - Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, or Chrome.




1329643577-toshiba-dx735d3360-23inch-allinone-desktop-pc-6.jpg Dymo-LabelWriter-450-IMG.jpg 38-209-031-03.jpg pcprox-plus.jpg p_170623_01762.jpg Magicard-kaartprinter-Enduro-PPC.jpg
Desktop PC Printer Scanner (Barcode & QR)  Scanner (RFID) Mobile Computer ID Card Printer 


  • Device - Desktop PC
  • Browser - Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, or Chrome.




apple.png windows.png android.jpeg
iPhone (iOS) Windows  Android

For using WolMobile and WolEvac


  • Device - Smartphone (iOS, Windows, Android)



Custom Kiosks

There are a number of providers of custom Kiosks which can be designed to reflect your organization’s brand and the overall visitor experience. 

North America - Zivelo | I and E Company | Olea
New Zealand - iView
Australia - Kaba | ITV | iView
United Kingdom - KiosksforBusinessK6 Design Group


Printers & Labels

WhosOnLocation supports a range of label writers and ID card printers for badge printing. We also support a range of plain white badges, custom color badges and expiring badges. Learn more about these options in our FAQ section of Badge Pass Printing.

Dymo LabelWriters™

Global - Dymo
North America - TEMPbadge ID | Office DEPOT
New Zealand - OfficeMax | StaplesWarehouse Stationery | New Zealand Office Supplies

Brother™ Professional Badge Printers

Global - Brother

TEMPbadge® / GoDex Printer

Global - GoDex DT4
North America - TEMPbadge ID

ID Card Printers

WhosOnLocation also supports the ability to choose an ID Card Printer to print a Visitor, Service Provider or Employee badge onto a CR80 PVC card.



Motorola/Zebra Scanner

Global - Zebra or partners
New Zealand - RBS Limited

Socket Mobile Scanner

Global - Socket Mobile or partners and resellers
New Zealand - BMobile


RFID Scanner

Global - pcProx® Plus or HID or Springcard

Mobile Computers

CipherLab RS31 & RS50 Series

The CipherLab RS31 & RS50 series is a smartphone-like touch mobile computer precisely designed to meet the demands of mobile workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing, in conjunction with our WolGuard app.

These have built-in RFID, Barcode, and QR Code scanning technology which integrate seamlessly with the WolGuard app. This allows users to quickly find and manage the presence of employees and contractors by scanning a code or tapping an RFID card associated with their profile.

Find out more about these devices at the CipherLab Website.


Cases & Stands

Looking for a secure tablet enclosure for your Kiosk solution? These companies have a range of products that may suit your requirements.

Global - Bouncepad | Hecklerdesign | Armodilo
New Zealand - Leading Solutions


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