Changelog 27: Photo Capture, Lone Worker

Today’s release includes new features like Lone Worker tools, Photo Capture, Photo Sharing, and a new insurance reporting function, and a handful of minor updates and fixes.

Lets take a closer look!

Lone Worker

If you have people working alone be a care bear and use the new Working Alone Trigger. Send 'due out' reminders and 'overdue' alerts to improve the safety and security of people working alone or in isolated locations. Leave no one behind.

Learn more about your Lone Worker tools

Photo Capture
We are pleased to announce the release of our new Photo Capture feature. In this first release we support photo capture from any Windows PC or Kiosk. Support for our WolKiosk app for iPad is due out in about 10 days.

About Photo Capture

Location Managers (receptionists and security guards) can now capture the photo of a visitor, service provider (contractor), or employee as they sign in that person. In addition people self-signing in using a visitor or employee kiosk can also have their photo captured as part of the kiosk sign-in process.

With the release of this feature we have addressed the various Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data retention regulations that exist in many countries by allowing you to set, not only a photo capture frequency, but a photo retention policy – meaning you can capture the photo and have it deleted from your account and our WhosOnLocation servers within 7 days, 30, 90, 180, 365 days, or 2 years - you choose.

With this first release we allow you to capture the photo of the person signing in - however please note the ability to print the photo on the visitor pass is in our next release in about 10 days.

Learn more about Photo Capture, and how to activate it.

Putting a Face to the Name

When a visitor signs in to a busy reception area via your visitor kiosk, we now display the host's photo (if the host has a photo loaded against their WhosOnLocation Profile) on the Welcome Greeting screen.

Sharing the Visitor's Photo with their Host

Have you ever popped out to reception to greet your host and there are multiple people in the waiting area? Wouldn’t be great if you knew who to look for. Today’s release includes the option for the photo of the visitor to be included in the email visitor arrival notification to their host.

Learn more about how to add the visitor's photo to the visitor arrival notification email

Other Updates and Fixes
The following fixes and updates have been released:

Insurance Reporting: Service Provider Manager users can now run reports for insurances. You can quickly view which insurances expiry this month and next, search by insurance type, underwriter and more… Service Provider Manager users will find insurance reporting located in the directory of the Service Provider Manager area.

Insurance Keyword Search fixed: When searching for a Policy by ‘type’, as in Commercial, public liability, worker’s compensation etc.…, the keyword search filer was not working. This has been fixed.

WolEvac: Our muster evacuation mobile app (WolEvac) allows a WolEvac user to push a text message to people asking them to confirm that they are safe. Prior to sending this request out the WolEvac user is presented with a warning advising them that they are about to send a text message to people asking them to respond to the question “Are you Safe” and that recipients of the text message should reply with the word “Yes”. This was in fact wrong – the actual text the person receives asks them to respond with the word ‘Safe’ not ‘Yes’ and so the warning prompt shown to the WolEvac user has been updated to state ‘Safe’.

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