Ask Expected Duration of Visit

Accessing the Questionnaire Manager

  1. Go to Tools > Locations
  2. Select the green View button of the location where you want to setup Lone Worker Questions.
  3. On the left of screen in the Directory of configuration options select Questionnaire Manager
  4. Select the second tab titled: Basic Questions Service Providers or;
  5. Select the third tab titled: Basic Questions Employees

Ask their Duration of Visit

 On the sub-tab titled Health & Safety

  1. Activate Expected Duration On-site if you want service providers to select their estimated duration onsite.
  2. Select Required to make any of these options mandatory, select Answer Share to include the answer to this question in the email arrival notification alert, and/or
  3. Select Activate on WolMobile to include these questions on the sign-in process when service providers using WolMobile users sign in.
  4. Save
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