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Important: Please be aware that the most recent update to Firefox (Firefox 52) removes support for the MeadCo ScriptX Plugin which WhosOnLocation relies on for automated badge printing (Advanced Printing). If you use Firefox and are printing badges from either a Kiosk account or from a Sign In/Out Manager account, you have a number of options moving forward.
  • Install Firefox ESR - this version of Firefox extends the support of plugins through to 2018. Please note that you need to download the 32bit version for plugin support to be retained.
  • Switch to using Internet Explorer 10 or 11 which continues to support plugins such as the MeadCo ScriptX plugin.
In this article, we show you how to link the Receptionist’s PC to the printer when using Firefox.

There are three pre-requisites you need to have completed before proceeding:

  1. You have created a Badge Pass Template. If you have not done so already, please view our Setting up Badge Pass Templates article.
  2. You have installed your printer onto your Receptionist’s PC. If you have not done so already, please view our Getting Started with Printing guide and install your printer.
  3. Your Receptionist has their username and password to your WhosOnLocation account enabled.

There are 2 steps to linking your Receptionist’s PC to the Printer you installed:

  1. Download the Meadco Script, our automated printing tool, on to the receptionist PC.
  2. Link the receptionist WhosOnLocation account to print to the installed Printer.

Each step should only take you a couple of minutes.

Step 1

  1. In this step we need you to download the Meadco Scriptx.
  2. Scriptx is a tool that enables Badge Passes to be automatically printed from WhosOnLocation without the need for the Receptionist to select a printer each time they print a badge.
  3. You must be an administrator of the receptionist’s PC to install the Meadco Scriptx file.
  4. While on the receptionist’s PC open the Firefox browser in Desktop mode (not tile mode) and go to the login screen of WhosOnLocation. You’ll know the browser is opened in Desktop mode because the browser address bar is at the top of the screen, and not the footer.
  5. Login to the WhosOnLocation Account using the receptionist’s username and password.
  6. From the Homescreen of the Receptionist’s account select Helpdesk from the upper toolbar and then select Advanced Printing Options.
  7. You will be prompted to install the Meadco Script plugin.
  8. Select Click Here to initialize the plugin install for Firefox
  9. Select Save File when prompted. The download should only take a few seconds. To see the progress of your download select the blue download progress arrow in the Firefox
  10. Once downloaded select it to Install.
  11. Select the Terms for the Scriptx License. Please note that there is no license fee to pay for this Scriptx utility. It is included in your WhosOnLocation account.
  12. Select Install.
  13. Select Finish once the install is completed.
  14. Once the MeadCo ScriptXtra plugin is installed, close the Firefox browser
  15. That completes Step 1.

Step 2

In this step we get you to link the Printer to the receptionist WhosOnLocation account.

  1. Re-open the Firefox browser
  2. Select Helpdesk from the upper toolbar and select Advanced Printing Options
  3. You should be prompted to confirm you wish to allow Scriptx to run – select Yes or Allow Always – The instruction varies depending on the version of Firefox you are running.
  4. Select Change Default Printer
  5. Select the Printer you installed and then…
  6. Select the blue Choose button
  7. Your selected Printer appears here
  8. Feel free to print a test badge otherwise select Close
  9. Your receptionist is now ready to start signing visitors in and printing badges.
  10. All they need to do is select the green View button found alongside the Sign In/Out Manager role on the Home screen where the receptionist’s User Roles are displayed.

If you have any questions about Badge Pass Printing, please refer to the Badge Pass Printing F.A.Q.

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