Adding Content to a WOL eLearning Course

In this article we explain how to add content to a WOL eLearning course. You must have the Induction Manager user role assigned to access this feature.

There are different types of content you can add to a WOL eLearning induction course including text, images, video, and questions. This article has a brief overview on how to add content to your course, for information on how to edit various types of content, have a look at  WOL eLearning Induction Builder Features.

Adding Content

Once your course has been created, you can begin adding the content:

1. Go to Tools > Induction Management

You will land on the Induction Courses page with a list of your courses.

2. Click the blue Course button for your induction course


3. Add content blocks from the right-hand sidebar by dragging them into the page

4. Click on the content to edit it using the available tools


5. Click the green Save Page button

6. When prompted to Select a Topic click Manage Options


7. Click New Option

8. Fill in the name of the Topic and click Save


Please Note: You will only need to create a new topic when you reach a new section of the induction course, find out more about topics here.

9. Click Close

10. Fill in the name of the page and click Save


Please Note: You can use the library feature to save pages for future use or add previously saved pages to your current course. Find out more about the library here.

11. Click the orange New Page button to add a new page and repeat the above steps as required

12. When all content has been added, click the blue Close button

Adding Questions

You can add questions to relevant pages as you create the content for them.

1. Click the blue Questions button

2. Select Add a Question


3. Fill in the question you want to ask


4. Choose the type of question:

  • Single Choice - Multiple choice with one correct answer
  • Multiple Choice - Multiple choice questions with the possibility of more than one option selected as the correct answer
  • Pick Correct Image - User chooses their answer from the images presented


5. Add Options using the blue Add an Option button at the bottom of the page


6. Tick the correct answer(s)

7. Select the number of attempts the learner has before failing the question

8. Click Save Question

Please Note: You can learn more about questions and question settings here.

All of your pages are saved in the left-hand sidebar for you to revisit and edit at any stage

For details on features such as questions, topics, and library, as well as specific template requirements and how to edit content, please check out the helpdesk article WOL eLearning Induction Builder Features.

Once your induction course has been built, you will need to send it to your learners to complete - Sending your WOL eLearning Course to Learners.

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