Changelog 28: Photo Badge Passes, Enhancements and Fixes

Features Released

As you might have noticed, we have made some changes recently but due to the sheer volume of changes we have only just now managed to bring it all together into this announcement..

Today’s release includes some new features and a handful of enhancements and fixes.


Photo Capture with Photo Badge Pass Printing

Last quarter we released the ability for you to capture your visitor's and/or contractor's photo as part of the sign in process. Photo's can be captured using a kiosk with its installed web camera or by a receptionist (location manager) who has a web camera installed on their PC.

The primary purpose for capturing photos is security - whereby there is a photographic record of the person that signed into your site.

Learn more about Photo Capture

With this latest release we introduce Photo Badge Pass printing allowing you to include a visitor's or contractor's photo on their pass.

Learn more about adding a Photo to a Badge Pass Template


Clone a Trigger to another Location

Many users have created Triggers with specific Rules that activate, or trigger, Actions. Many Triggers are similar with only subtle changes to a Rule or an Action. To help Users create Triggers with similar properties within a location you have always been able to Clone Triggers; in essence make a copy of an existing Trigger. The Trigger then appears in the same Location's list of Triggers with the words (copy) in its Name. The User then edits the Trigger, making the minor adjustments to the clone before making it unique and an independent new Trigger in its own right.

With this latest update you can now Clone Triggers and add them to another Location - saving time and hassle.

Learn more



Fuzzy Logic Option in Triggers

New Trigger Rule for Text based comparisons called "Fuzzy". To test, add a new rule based on a text comparison (such as Visitor Name, Visitor From etc), then select the condition type "fuzzy match". Select a Fuzzy Level (5-100%) then click "Validate". From the Validation popup you can test various strings to see if it matches.

Auto Connect WolKiosk iPad App

With the release of our version 1.92 for iPad app (WolKiosk) we introduce auto-reconnect. If your iPad WolKiosk loses connection with the internet (wi-fi) the app will now attempt to reconnect with the network until connection is restored.

Remove Missing Employees during Update Import

When updating your Employee list in your WhosOnLocation account via the bulk Import/Update option you would first export your current employee list as a csv file out of your account, make amendments to any employee profile fields like mobile | cell numbers, titles, etc... and then import the updated csv file back into your account.

The issue was when you removed some employees from your employee csv file and then imported your updated csv file back into your WhosOnLocation account - the import function did not remove the missing employees from your WhosOnLocation employee list. The import function assumed you simply wanted to update the employee records you were importing.

With the latest release you can now choose to remove any employees from your WhosOnLocation account that do not appear in the updated csv file.

Do Not Reply added to the Visitor Arrival Notification SMS

We received several requests from users asking us if we could add the words (Do Not Reply) to the bottom of the visitor arrival notification text (sms) message sent to the employee when their visitor signs in.

Some employees were sending a reply to the visitor arrival notification text (sms) message with responses like: "Tell John I am running late and I'll be there in 10mins". The issue was this is not received by the visitor or your receptionist - it is sent back to WhosOnLocation's sms gateway where it sits.

We cannot stop employees replying to text (sms) messages sent to them by our app but we have taken onboard the recommendation to add the (Do Not Rely) to the text (sms).

This is now Added.

Service Provider Enhancements

Enhancements are User suggested ideas to improve or enhance the way an existing feature or function works.

Exporting your list of Service Provider Organizations: When exporting a list of your service provider organizations the export feature downloaded, by default, all organizations in your account - even if you applied filters to your organizations list view. See below and example of an Organizations list with filters {Active} AND {New York} applied:


The enhancement is as follows; when you do apply filters as per above example; and then select Export, you will now be able to choose to between: Exporting All of the organizations in your Account OR only those that meet the Current Filters you applied.


Bugs Fixed

Induction Management Bugs

  1. Induction Record for a Learner was sometimes not being displaying as 'passed' when they had - this is now resolved.
  2. There was an issue whereby the app would apply a random date to 'display' as the Learners pass date whenever a user 'imported' employees or service providers lists which included induction dates; even though the app recorded the correct date. - this is now resolved.

Insurance Reporting

When viewing insurance reports the screen displayed (as an example) 1-10 of 25. To view the next 10 (that is 11-20) the user selected the Next link. But this was not working.

This is now resolved.

Employee Auto-Sign Out

The Auto sign out employees is based on the home location of the employee. When a global roamer signs into another location, and there is an auto sign out at the 'other location', they were not being automatically signed out. The app was basically saying you are not an employee based here so we are not auto-signing you out- this is now resolved.
All employees, regardless of which location is their home location are now signed out of a location if that location has them registered as being onsite AND the location has an auto sign-out setup.

Badge Pass Size Badge Pass Size Bug

When the Badge Pass label size 71x49 for the TEMPBadge Printer, the 70x54 for the Dymo Printer, or the CR80 PVC card for ID Card Printers is selected there were several field options that you could not include as options on the template:

  • Visitor Pass Number
  • Host Name (who visitor is visiting)

This is now resolved.


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