Changelog 29: Cloning a Course, Notifications and more..

Features Released

Xmas is coming early. Today’s release statement includes some great new features and a handful of enhancements and fixes.


Clone an Induction Course

Have you created an awesome, content-filled, feature-rich eLearning induction course using the Induction Management Add-on? Do you now need to create a similar course with much of the same content needing to be replicated? We know the answer for many of you is yes. We also heard you loud and clear and we love your feedback - it helps us improve the user experience. From today you can now clone an induction course. 

Just select the Clone button found alongside the Course Name and BOOM - Your course is cloned with the exact same content, questions and settings. All you need to do now, in the case of a WOL eLearning Course Type, is:

  1. Rename the Course in the Settings
  2. Make any amendments to reflect the Course Attempts, Course Owner, Learners, etc...
  3. Update or amend any unique content, Questions, Pass/Fail Rate Settings, and Publish.

Fast, Simple, Efficient.

In the case of an Internal or External Course Type, is:

  1. Rename the Course in the Settings
  2. Make any amendments to reflect the Course Attempts, Course Owner, Learners, etc...
  3. Update Status to Active (when ready)

Badge Passes Running Low  - Get Notified

Do you have a kiosk? Are you printing Badge Passes? Do you wish you could get an alert whenever the badge pass labels are about to run out on the kiosk printer? Or have run out completely?

We are pleased to announce the release of the Badge Pass Notifications feature. Save time, reduce the hassle of managing label stock in your printers, reduce visitor and administrator stress. Have your kiosk send you an email and/or a Text (sms) alert letting you know when there are only, for example, 10 labels left in your printer. Get another alert when the count hits zero.

It is available to all accounts immediately.

It's easy to setup and should only take you a minute. Get started and learn how here.

Kiosk Status Notifications

Questions: Do you have a kiosk? Do you wish you could get an alert whenever the kiosk goes offline and loses connectivity to your WhosOnLocation account? What if the kiosk only lost internet connectivity for a minute - but then connectivity was restored. Would you like another notification to let you know - saving you the hassle of coming down to the kiosk to try to figure out if your internet access is down or the Kiosk is having a bad day? :(

Today we announce the new Status Notifications feature for kiosks. This feature will send you, or any other nominated people, an email and/or Text (sms) alerting you to the fact a kiosk has lost its mojo; that is, it has lost connectivity to the internet and the WhosOnLocation service. In addition you can also receive a notification when connectivity is restored; either by your intervention or as a result of the kiosk regaining connectivity automatically.

It's easy to setup and should only take you a minute. Get started and Learn how here.

Pre-registered By - Get Visibility

In Reporting, you can now see the name of the employee that pre-registered a visitor, if that visitor was pre-registered.

In reporting select the blue 'View Columns' button and then add Pre-registered By as a new column in your screen view. Then click outside of the View Columns pop-up window and a new column titled Pre-registered By will appear.


New 'Purpose of Visit' Trigger Rule

We have now added a new Trigger Rule called 'Purpose of Visit' (you can learn more about Triggers here). Let's say you ask all visitors why they are visiting your location. You do this by activating the Purpose of Visit option under Questionnaire Manager.

Now let us assume you create the following Purpose of Visit options:

  1. Meeting
  2. Service and Maintenance
  3. Training

And now let us assume that whenever a visitor selects Training you want a Text (sms) message to go to your Training Manager advising them that a visitor has just signed in for Training. Well - now you can.

Check out the Trigger Details in image 1 below as my example.

Image 1

In image 2 we show you the Purpose of Visit Rule we setup.

Image 2


New 'Induction Course Never Passed' Trigger Rule

We have added a new Trigger Rule that will activate if a person signs in and they have not passed an Induction Course. Previously, the only rule available was: Induction Course has Expired. This meant they had to have previously passed, so any person who has not been sent one was able to still sign in. This new Trigger resolves that scenario.

Induction Renewal/Expiry Period 5-Year Option

When setting up an Induction Course you can now set the Renewal period to 5 years. Previously we only offered up to 3 years as an option.

Bugs and Fixes

iPad Loop Error

At the end of the sign in process, you are presented with the summary screen. When you click "Edit" to modify your answer, that takes you back to the first question which is "Where are you from".
You should go straight to the question and when you click "Continue", that would take you back to the summary screen.

This is now resolved.

Duplicate Names in Induction Report

When you ran the report to show who has not been inducted – most of the names on the report appear multiple times, and the report suggests you had more non-inducted people than should be the fact.

This is now resolved.

Badge Pass Template Not Displaying Correctly in Firefox

When designing a Badge Pass Template in Firefox the Badge preview would display incorrectly often with the photo of the visitor ghosting over the organization name.

This is now resolved.

Change Status of an Organization to Inactive should auto make all linked Members Inactive

When making an organization Inactive, any linked members were not being made Inactive. 

This is now resolved.


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