Step 5: Configuring the Sign In/Out Badge Pass Notifications

In this article you will learn how to set up a Badge Pass Notification to alert you when your kiosk printer is nearly out of label badge stock. You must have the Administrator user role to access the kiosk settings and functions.

The Problem

You set up a kiosk and install a Badge Label Printer. You change the labels with a fresh roll ready for your next visitor or contractor to sign in.

At some stage, the printer will run out of badge labels. How will you know? Do you have a full-time receptionist keeping an eye on the printer?

What are Badge Pass Notifications?

Badge Pass Notifications allow you to set up alerts which are sent to one or more people within your organization whenever a printer is close to running out of badge labels, and a second alert can be sent once it has completely run out. Badge Pass Notifications can be either Email and/or Text (SMS) messages.


Types of Badge Pass Notifications

  1. Low Badge Pass Notifications: Set the first notification to trigger once the remaining number of badge pass labels reaches a specific number that you nominate. This may be 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, etc.
  2. Zero Badge Pass notifications: Set the second notification to trigger once the badge count on the kiosk reaches zero.

How to setup Low Badge Pass Notifications

You must be an Administrator for the location you wish to set Badge Pass Notifications up for.

1. Go to Tools > Locations and select the green View button found alongside the location.

2. Select Kiosks (located on left side of the screen). You will see a list of the kiosks for that location.

3. Select the green View button found alongside the Kiosk you wish to add Badge Pass Notifications for.

4. Select the Notifications tab.

5. Select the Badge Pass Notifications sub-tab.

6. Send Low Badge Pass Notifications: Select the tick box to activate

7. Select the number of badge passes remaining from the resulting options drop-down that will trigger this notification.

8. Selecting Notification Recipients:

9. Select Save and Close.

How to setup Zero Badge Pass Notifications

1. Send Zero Badge Pass Notifications: Select the tick box to activate.

2. Selecting Notification Recipients:

  • By default they are the same as your Low Badge Pass Notification recipients. You can send the notifications to up to three employees based at the same location as the kiosk; or to any Global Roamer employee based at another location.
  • You can also send the notification to a non-employee.
  • When selecting your recipients you can nominate to send the notification to them via Email and/or Text (SMS) message. 

3. Select Save and Close.

How it Works

Whenever you change the Badge Pass Labels in your kiosk printer you must reset the Print Count.

You will need to know the PIN number to the kiosk to Reset the Print Count. The following instructions assume your label roll is empty and you are replacing the label spool with a new roll.

1. Go to the kiosk and select the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the kiosk.

2. Select 'Reset Print Count' - Please note: This option will also show the current number of labels remaining in the printer.

3. Enter the Kiosk PIN number and select the blue 'Continue' button.

4. Enter the number of labels on the new roll.

Dymo 450 Label Code 99014 = 220 Labels

Dymo 450 Label Code 99015 = 320 Labels

Brother QL720NW Label Code DK22205 = 300 Labels

TEMPBadge Label Code 06151 = 1000 Labels

TEMPBadge Label Code 02050 = 1000 Labels

5. Select Set as the Default if you wish so you don't need to remember this number every time.

6. Select Save and Enter Kiosk.

Every time a visitor or service provider signs in, a print job is sent to the printer queue of the installed Badge Pass Printer. At the same time WhosOnLocation will record that the pass printed (even if it does not due to printer error or fault) and reduce the Print Count by 1.

When the count reaches the number you set under the Low Badge Pass Notifications option the Low Badge Pass notification will trigger.

When the print count reaches '0' the Zero Badge Pass Notifications will trigger.

Badge Pass Notifications FAQs

Can you reset the Print Count on the Kiosk anytime? Yes.

Can I reset the Print Count to any number I wish? Yes

Does it cost us SMS credits to use the Text (SMS) Notifications option? Yes

Where do we see an audit trail of email and Text (SMS) Badge Pass Notifications sent? Go to Reporting > Notifications Summary


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