ChangeLog 30: Host Authorization and Minor Enhancements

Features Released

Whooa more early Santa surprises. Today’s release statement includes a fantastic new feature, Host Badge Print Authorization as well as several new enhancements and fixes.


Host Badge Pass Authorization

Host Badge Pass Authorization strengthens your site security and ensures only 'authorized' visitors are granted access to your site. The visitor's Badge Pass will not be printed until authorized by their host.
If it's not enough to capture a visitor's details before issuing them a pass you can now add another layer of authorization to your visitor management procedures. With visitor Host Badge Pass Authorization we deliver peace-of-mind knowing a visitor with a Visitor Badge Pass has been authorized onto site by either their host (one of your employees), or one of their colleagues.


New Time Format Display Option

You can now display Time Formats in one of two ways. When viewing reports and any data which includes a time stamp the time can be displayed in one of the following formats:
  • 24 Hour (e.g: 17:00)
  • AM/PM: (e.g: 5:00 PM)
To set your Time format go to Tools > Locations > Location Details > Time Format
When viewing a report on say visitor movements for a Location it will display in the Time Format for that Location unless you yourself are from a location using a different format - in which case it will display in your own format as that is most likely what you would resonate with.

New Filter when sending Invites to Induction Courses

When sending an invite to one or more Learners you now have an Organization filter allowing you to view a list of who has and has not been invited by Organization.
From today this is now available.

Trash Bin Added. You can now delete Archived in-app Messages

Trash Bin for Archived Messages: For those users that have been with us a while you are well aware of the in-app message board in the upper toolbar. Once you read a message from us you can archive it - but the archive folder is now rather large and several users requested the option to be able to delete an archived message.
From today this is now available.

Bugs and Fixes

Removing a Service Provider Member should also remove any linked Qualification: When removing a service provider member from your account and the member also had one or more qualifications recorded against their profile the qualification record was retained in the Qualifications Report - and should not have been. Any qualifications should also be deleted/removed.
This is now resolved.
Removing a service provider or employee assigned a Token should free up that token for reassignment: When a token is issued to an employee (or service provider) and this user is removed, you can't issue this same token to another user.
This is now resolved.
Answer Share heading in your Email Visitor Arrival Notification changed to 'Additional Information': When an employee receives their visitor arrival notification AND the notification includes answers to questions put to your visitor (like mobile, email, title, etc...) we present these answers under a heading titled: Answer Share. Many users stated that this term is relevant as an Administrator label in the app to describe 'what this is' however; in the email notification itself the simple heading of: 'Additional Information' better reflects what this info is.
This has now been updated.
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