How To Use WolMobile Legacy

WolMobile Legacy will be decommissioned on March 31 2021. Please change to the new version before this date.
How to use the WolMobile app. This article is for users signing in and out using WolMobile.

Once you have been sent a WolMobile code by an Administrator, you can then log into WolMobile to use it for signing in and out of locations.

First, you will need to download the WolMobile app. You can do this at any stage, including before you receive your WolMobile code.

Downloading App

WolMobile is available on Android from the Play Store and iOS from the App Store. Go to your respective store and search for ‘WolMobile’. Install the app on your device and launch to log in.

Logging into WolMobile

When you first launch WolMobile, you will be prompted to log in by entering your WolMobile Code.


Please Note: WolMobile requires your phone’s locations services to be enabled to function properly. Please enable this before logging in.

Enter the WolMobile code you have been sent and touch Login.


When you first log into WolMobile you will be asked to provide permissions for two services on your phone, location services and notifications (for employees only). Touch Allow on the prompts to provide these permissions.

Location services are required to use the GeoLocation feature which can report on your location if required by your organization.

Notifications are used to send push notifications to your phone for visitor and/or contractor arrivals on-site.

WolMobile Interface

The options available to you will depend on the settings in your WhosOnLocation account and your user type.


Signing In/Out

There are several different options to Sign In/Out in WolMobile: Sign Into/Out of Home Location (employees), Sign Into Other Location (employees), or Sign Into Location (contractors). All these options act in similar ways with slight differences.

If there are multiple options for locations to sign into, you will be prompted with a list to choose from before signing in.


When signing in, any basic questions that have been activated for WolMobile for the chosen location will be asked, any acknowledgement notices will be presented, and any triggers based on your sign in will be checked and fire if applicable.

When signing out, any applicable acknowledgement notices will be presented, and triggers will be checked.


Your GeoLocation is where you are in the world based on your phone’s location services. There are different settings for this option which are configured by Administrators in WhosOnLocation.


Depending on these settings you can either manually send your location on sign in, sign out, and any time while signed in; or your location will be automatically sent on sign in and out.

The 'Follow Me’ function can be enabled manually or will be automatically enabled from the WhosOnLocation settings. This will track your location as you move around while signed in. The frequency that you GeoLocation is sent will depend on how far and fast you are moving. Once you sign out, the Follow Me function will be disabled.

When you send your GeoLocation, the GeoLocation Status will appear below the location you are currently signed into. Touch Show Map to see your GeoLocation on a map and, if Follow Me is enabled, view the path you have made while signed in.


Log Out

You will not be logged out of WolMobile unless manually done, or the cache for the app is cleared.

Logging out is called Locking in WolMobile as it is locking the app to prevent others from accessing your account on your cell phone.

To lock WolMobile, touch the menu in the top-right corner of the app. This will display your contact details and give you the option to lock. Touch Lock WolMobile in this menu then Lock WolMobile in the confirmation pop-up. You will be taken back to the login page of WolMobile.

You can lock your WolMobile while still signed in without affecting your status.


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