WolMobile GeoLocation Reporting

How to report on the GeoLocation of WolMobile users. You must have the Reports User role assigned to access these reports.

WolMobile users can send their current location to WhosOnLocation using the app on their phones. This can be done automatically by the system or manually by the user depending on the settings, and can be set to continuously send their location while signed in or only on sign in/out.

There are two reports that show the GeoLocation of WolMobile users, the People Presence report and the GeoLocation report.

People Presence Report

The People Presence report provides you with all the information about a person’s sign in/out record and some information about their time on-site, including their GeoLocation record.


Please Note: You can access the People Presence Report from the Reporting menu in the top toolbar.

In the People Presence report, enable the GeoLocation column to access a record of users’ GeoLocation. Click the icon to view a map with all location points sent by WolMobile while the user was signed in.


When exporting the report, if the sign in/out GeoLocation co-ordinates are set to send automatically, this information will be included.

GeoLocation Report

The GeoLocation report shows the most recently recorded GeoLocation of all employees, service providers, and assets. The last location point for WolMobile users will remain in the report for 48 hours from sending.

Any assets with a GeoLocation will always show on the map, and any WolMobile users who have sent their GeoLocation within the last 48 hours will show. You can filter this report by person type and location.


Please Note: You can access the GeoLocation Report from the Reporting menu in the top toolbar.
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