Changelog 50 - SyncPortal Integration and WolMobile GeoLocation Updates

For our first product update of 2018 we are proud to announce the release of our SyncPortal integration, updates to the GeoLocation feature in WolMobile, and more.


Now you can sync your employee information in WhosOnLocation with any third-party employee database system.

SyncPortal makes it simple with easy field mapping for data columns and the option to enter rules to keep your data clean (e.g. find and replace any mention of "HQ" to "MyCompanyInc Headquarters, New York City").

Once you've uploaded your database, you can see which records are new uploads, which records were updated with new data, and whether there were any errors.

You can also test your database sync by setting your Sync Profile to Dry Run. This will not import, edit, or delete any information, but will show a log of what would have happened if it did.

Click here for more information on SyncPortal.


WolMobile GeoLocation service settings have changed. Now you can choose to have employee or service providers’ GeoLocation send from their WolMobile app automatically.

Location Service Settings

  • Ask to send the GeoLocation will prompt the user to send their geolocation on sign in and out, and enable the option for GPS tracking, but will not force this action.
  • Auto send the GeoLocation will automatically send a user’s GeoLocation on sign in and out and enable the option for GPS tracking.
  • Auto enable “Follow my GeoLocation” will automatically enable GPS tracking for the entire time the user is signed into a location.


The People Presence Report provides you with all the information about a person’s sign in/out record and some information about their time on-site, including their GeoLocation record.

In the report, you can view a map with all location points sent by WolMobile while the user was signed in.

Click here for more information on WolMobile.

Additional Improvements

Acknowledgement Notices Report

You can now report on the Acknowledgement Notices that are presented to people on sign in or out and view their responses.

Click here for more information on Acknowledgement Notices Reports.

Sign In/Out Confirmation Pop-up

We have made improvements to the confirmation pop-up when someone signs in or out from your kiosk. For visitors it is now a pop-up message, and not a new page. We have also increased the size and improved the look.

Faster Kiosk Workflow

When a person is signing in or out on the kiosk, they will now proceed to the next question automatically if the answer requires a single selection. When text is required or they can select multiple options, they will still need to select Next or Continue.

Duration On-Site Option for Badge Passes

You can now enable Duration On-site on your badge passes. This will print a pre-registered visitor's expected duration on-site based on their pre-registration event. This option is only available for pre-printed badges for pre-registered visitors.

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