Coming Soon: Kiosk Changes

Details on the upcoming changes to Sign In/Out Kiosks.

By the end of March we will be releasing changes to the Sign In/Out Kiosks, we are introducing customization to the questions and the management of zones within your location. 

Customized Questions

You can customize the questions asked at your Kiosk to improve flexibility for different Kiosks across your locations. We will also be making improvements to how zones are used with your Kiosks, giving you the ability to customize questions depending on the zone a person is signing into.


We are launching a new type of Kiosk used for moving between different areas inside a location, Inter-zone Kiosks. An Inter-zone Kiosk uses an Inter-zone LACP with connected zones to inform where the Kiosk is in your organization and which zones it can switch people between. It is a useful way to improve security, more accurately track movements, and report on people traffic.

Detailed below are the changes to each aspect and what it means for you, if anything:

Location Zones

Kiosk Question Rules

Inter-zone Kiosks

Changes to Layout

Location Zones

Location Zones are the defined areas within your location that people can sign into. You can group together zones in a similar area into a Zone Group, or have all zones in one group. Zones are then connected to a Location Access Control Point (LACP) which is set up in your Kiosk.


Previously, when signing in, you had the ability to ask employees and/or service providers to select which zone they were entering, and this presented them with all zones in that location.

Now, you can enable this question for all people types; employees, service providers, and visitors. Note, they will only be presented with zones connected to the LACP they are signing in through.

The zones connected to the LACP will also be available in the Question Rules to set up the questions you want to ask when someone is signing into the specified zone only. Please see below for more details.

If you do not have any zones set up in your location, then any questions rules you set up will use 'Any Zone' as the zone being signed into or out of.

What this means for you

If you previously had the Area/Zone Selection enabled for either employees or service providers, this will still be enabled, but they will only be presented with the zones connected to the LACP they are signing in through. If you have no connected zones, they will no longer be presented with this question and will be signed into the default zone for the LACP.

In the zone rules, you have the option to assign a person signing in to the zone in their profile or their host’s profile. If you have Area/Zone Selection enabled as well as this rule, they will be signed into the zone chosen on sign in instead of the zone in their profile or their host’s profile.

If you do not have Area/Zone Selection enabled, they will be signed into the zone in their profile as usual. If that zone is not connected to the LACP, the question rules designated for 'Any Zone' will apply to their sign in.

These rules are also not applicable for Inter-zone Kiosks because an Inter-zone Kiosk is used for signing people into a different zone from their current zone.

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Kiosk Question Rules

Question Rules is a new section in the Kiosk setup that lets you customize what rules are activated on the Kiosk, and which zones they apply to.

Previously, you could only customize which custom questionnaires would be presented on a Kiosk. Now, you can customize all questions that can be asked on a Kiosk.

Your settings in Questionnaire Manager will determine the location defaults which will always be asked if using the Sign In/Out Manager and, if you have no rules created, will be used on a Kiosk. If you create a question rule, the location defaults will be automatically enabled, but you can turn any questions off or on to apply them to your rule.


If you are using custom questionnaires, previously you would set whether it is a sign in or sign out type in the settings, and then activate it on the Kiosk. Now, you set up a question rule for either sign in, sign out, or between two zones, and activate the questionnaire. You no longer set the type in the questionnaire settings because the rule will inform when it is displayed. The rule will need to have all questions enabled that you want to display, not only the custom questionnaires.


To activate a questionnaire, click and drag it from the Available pool to the Enabled at this Kiosk pool. You can also click and drag questionnaires to change the order in which they appear.

What this means for you

We will automatically create rules for any existing custom questionnaires that you have activated in your Kiosks. These will either be sign in with the Questionnaire Manager defaults enabled and the Custom Questionnaires or sign out with only the Custom Questionnaires. You will not need to do anything to enable this change.

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Inter-zone Kiosks

An Inter-zone Kiosk is a Kiosk that can switch people between zones, these can also be set up with question rules.

To create an Inter-zone Kiosk, you must first create in Inter-zone only LACP, then enable this on the Kiosk and only movements between the connecting zones will be allowed. We have already released the ability to create in Inter-zone Kiosk, we are expanding on this to include more options in the new release.

Click here for information on the current Inter-zone Kiosk Setup.

The new addition to this feature is being able to set Question Rules depending on which zone you are entering or leaving.

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Changes to Layout

Because these changes affect the process of using your Kiosk, there are important changes to the layout of the Kiosk Setup.

Kiosk Settings

In the Settings tab, the only change is with the Location Access Control Point. If you have an Inter-zone LACP in your location, when you select the dropdown menu, you will see that the LACP has (Inter-zone) in brackets. This will determine the type of Kiosk you are setting up and change the rest of the options to match.


Kiosk Mode

In the Mode tab, when you have photo capture enabled in the questionnaire manager, you had the option to activate it on the Kiosk. This has now been moved under Question Rules so that you can either have photo capture enabled for all zones, specific zones only, or none.

There are new options under the Mode tab to enable Zone Selection for all people types enabled at the Kiosk. This has been taken out of Question Rules because the zone selection informs what question rules will apply to the sign in. If this is disabled, the person signing in will be signed into a zone determined by the Zone Rules; this will either be the default zone for the LACP or the zone assigned in their profile or their host’s profile.

There is also an option to present Zone Selection when Token Scan is used for service providers and employees. If this is enabled, a service provider or employee will be presented with zone selection when signing in; this is designed so that different zones can use different token scan rules. If this is disabled, the person signing in with a token will be signed into the zone determined by the Zone Rules.


Notifications and Service Provider Help

There is no change to the notifications and service providers help tabs other than those already in place for Inter-zone Kiosks.

Click here for information on the current Inter-zone Kiosk Setup.

Question Rules

This tab replaces the Questionnaires tab as stated in the above section on Kiosk Question Rules.


There is no change to the branding tab other than those already in place for Inter-zone Kiosks.

Click here for information on the current Inter-zone Kiosk Setup.

What this means for you

We will ensure that all of your current settings are set correctly for this change to the layout. You will only need to work with these changes for any new Kiosks you create.

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