Changelog 51 - Inter-zone Kiosk, Kiosk Question Rules and New Triggers

For our April 2018 product update, we are very proud to announce the release of Inter-zone Kiosks, Kiosk question rules, and new triggers.

Inter-Zone Kiosk

Sign In/Out Kiosks have only ever been used for signing into and out of your locations. You can now create Inter-zone Kiosks that are used for entering and exiting separate zones within your location.

This is done by creating an Inter-zone Location Access Control Point (LACP) with two or more connecting zones and enabling this for your Sign In/Out Kiosk. The Kiosk will be automatically configured for Inter-zone options. When being used, a person will be able to sign into any of the connecting zones through this Kiosk.


Please Note: A Sign In/Out Kiosk can only be Standard OR Inter-zone, it cannot be both.

Click here for information on How to Set up an Inter-zone Kiosk.

Kiosk Question Rules

You can now customize the questions asked at your Kiosk to improve flexibility for different Kiosks across your locations. We have also made improvements to how zones are used with your Kiosks, giving you the ability to customize questions depending on the zone a person is signing into.

Previously, you could only customize which custom questionnaires would be presented on a Kiosk. Now, you can customize all questions that can be asked on a Kiosk.


You can set rules for signing into the location, signing into certain zones or zone groups, signing out of the location, or switching zones within a location. The type of movement determines what questions are available to enable in the rule, and custom questionnaires can be enabled for any type of movement.

If you don't have any rules set up, the location defaults, set in the Questionnaire Manager, will be enabled for sign in movements only.

Click here for information on setting up Sign In/Out Kiosk Question Rules.

New Triggers

We have two new trigger events and slight changes to the trigger rules in this release.

Trigger Events

In the trigger events, we have added Switch Zone and Overdue > Time Elapsed.

Visitor/Service Provider/Employee Switch Zone events will activate when the selected person type switches zones using an Inter-zone Kiosk. In the trigger rules, you can set the zones that will activate the trigger, among other existing conditions.


The Visitor/Service Provider/Employee Overdue trigger has been expanded to include a second sub-option. Previously, this trigger was only used in combination with the Expected Duration On-site sign in question; we have now released a second option for Time Elapsed.

The Time Elapsed option will activate the trigger after the person has been signed in for a specified amount of time, if they haven't signed out.


Trigger Rules

We have modified the Zone rule to reflect the Switch Zone event. You can now set up Zone To and Zone From rules to specify the zone that you are signing into or leaving. These rules also apply to signing in (Zone To) or signing out (Zone From) events.


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