Changelog 53 - Induction Management, Waivers, Notification Improvements, and More

For our June 2018 product update, we are proud to announce the release of multiple small changes to WhosOnLocation including induction management, signature required waivers, visitor notifications, token scanning for service providers, and an in-trial countdown.

Induction Management Improvements

We’ve made three key improvements to induction management; restricting service provider portal users to sending invites to online induction courses only, the ability to delete an induction course and its records, and managing the notifications sent when an online induction course attempt is completed.

Induction Management in Service Provider Portal

You can now manage a portal user's ability to manually add internal, external, and online induction courses in the service provider portal. This option is set in Portal Administration > Data Access Permissions > Inductions.

Set to Yes to allow manual updates, or No to restrict users to inviting induction course learners only.


Please Note: Portal users will still be able to see all available induction courses to members, even if they cannot add courses.

Induction Notifications

You can now choose who receives Pass/Fail Notifications and if you want to send learners their induction certificate when they complete and pass an online induction course.

Everytime an induction course is attempted, you will receive the overall result of that attempt. Previously this only sent to the course owner. We have now introduced the ability to send this to the course owner, the issuing authority, any other employee, or a non-employee email address.

To change these settings:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Select Course Notifications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select who you want to receive the notifications.
  4. Click Save.
Please Note: You can enable as many options as required.


You can also choose if you want the induction course certificate to be sent to the learner at the bottom of the screen.

By default, notifications are enabled to send:

  • The course owner the pass/fail notification.
  • The learner the course certificate.

Click here for more information on Course Notifications.

Remove an Induction Course

You have always had the ability to remove an induction course with no records, we have now extended this functionality to include courses that contain records.

Removing an induction course that contains records , i.e. someone has previously attempted the course, will remove the course and all associated records. This allows you to delete courses that you no longer have use for and do not need to retain the records.

Please Note: Deleting an induction course cannot be undone, it will be permanently deleted.

To remove an induction course with records:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Click Remove next to your induction course.

  3. Click Remove on the pop-up.
  4. Click Remove Course and Results on the second pop-up.


Signature Required Waivers

We have made improvements to the look of the Kiosk signature section of waivers and the PDF generated signed waiver.

Signature Required Waivers on Kiosk

The waiver and signature are now presented as one document on the Kiosk.


Signed Waiver PDF

The PDF generated waiver is now aligned with the look of the Kiosk waiver.


Visitor Notifications

The look of the host notification is updated to improve the formatting and overall appearance of the notification.


Quick Token Scan for Service Providers

Quick token scan is a new feature to speed up the process for service providers scanning on/off-site using a token.

Enabling the Quick Token Scan will make scanning in and out near instantaneous by delaying the sync to your WhosOnLocation account to run in the background.

Please Note: This means that you will not be able to display deny access messages to Service Providers scanning on-site at a Kiosk if their induction or insurance has expired.

You can enable in Questionnaire Manager > Basic Questions Service Providers > Token Options.


Please Note: This is enabled at the location level for all Kiosks in the location.

Click here for more information on enabling options in the Questionnaire Manager.

Trial Countdown

For customers in trial, we have released a countdown timer, so you can keep track of how many days you have left on your trial. The trial countdown timer is located in the top toolbar.


When you click on the trial countdown timer, this will prompt you to complete tasks to make your transition to a paid subscription easier.

As the Account Owner, you will be given the option to Select a Plan which will take you to the billing details page where you can add the required information.


As an Administrator, you will be given the name of the Account Owner who can add the required information.


Please Note: Only the Account Owner can access the account billing details to either add or amend them.
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