Push Notifications with WolMobile

In this article, we explain what WolMobile Push Notifications are and how to use them.

Push Notifications come with all plans and can be used to notify staff of visitor and service arrivals.

WolMobile Push Notifications give you the benefit of:

  • Reduced SMS charges - no additional SMS charges, unlimited push notifications are included in every WhosOnLocation paid subscription
  • Improved delivery, reliability and logging - know when a message was sent, received and read
  • Clear notifications - removing any confusion as they clearly state they are from WolMobile

How do Push notifications work

Push notifications are used for employee notifications of visitor and service provider arrivals. Where an employee has a mobile number associated with their profile in WhosOnLocation and has WolMobile installed.

Push notifications will be used first when sending a notification, if the notification is unable to be delivered after 1 minute we will revert to sending via SMS if you have a number in your profile. 

Tip - Users don’t need to enter a mobile phone number into their WhosOnLocation profile to receive Push Notification. This will avoid SMS charges.

Getting set up

All employees wanting to receive Push notifications need to have the following:

  • A smart phone with iOS 9 or above or Android 4.4 or above.  
  • WolMobile installed from either the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • A mobile number associated with their employee profile in your WhosOnLocation account.
  • Internet access and or mobile data turned on.

Getting started 

If you are a current WolMobile user

Make sure your app is up to date and notifications are turned on your mobile device. You are now ready to receive Push Notifications. 

If you are not a WolMobile user

Download WolMobile from the App Store or Google Play, ensure you have notifications turned on your mobile. You are set to receive Push Notifications.

Distinguishing a Push Notification

All Push notifications will clearly state that they are from WolMobile:



The reporting log shows the number of notifications sent and by which channel (SMS, Push or email).   

To view the Notification Summary report:

Go to Reporting > Notification Summary.

Notifications sent over the last 13 Months

Clicking on a Month will display a list of notifications from that month.


The summary shows the total for each month since you started using Notifications. To gain a more detailed view click on the month. Here you can filter based on:

  • Notification method
  • Notification type
  • Guest type
  • Dates sent, or keyword search


Any Push notification that has failed to send will have a red bell next to it. Click View Info for a more detailed view.

Note: We recommend you visit the reporting summary frequently to keep an eye on usage.
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