Changelog 54 - Images on custom questions, Photo capture disclaimer and Push notifications.

With our second changelog for June we have released a number of enhancements; including the addition of images to custom questions, server-side antivirus scanning and photo capture disclaimer on WolKiosk.

Multiple Images on a Custom Question

You can now add multiple images to a custom question to aid the sign in process. The images are able to be re-ordered easily by selecting and dragging into the order you require. For more help adding images to a custom question, see this article.

Server-Side Anti-Virus Scanning

This enhancement ensures your’s and our protection by scanning all documents you load into your WhosOnLocation account to ensure they don’t contain any viruses. This will run in the background and you’ll only be made aware when a virus is detected on a document you are uploading to your WhosOnLocation account.

Photo Capture Disclaimer now Supported - WolKiosk

GDPR came into force on May 25, 2018, and to ensure the privacy of those signing into your facility we have added a Privacy Statement for photo capture.  With the Privacy Statement feature, you now have the option to turn on the statement which if selected will be presented to all visitors, employees, and contractors who have requested to have their photo captured during sign-in. The statement explains why your visitors/contractors need to have their photo taken, what it is used for, where it is stored and for how long. You can edit the pre-formatted statement within WhosOnLocation.

Induction result export, service provider permission settings, print a second visitor pass and more


July has seen a number of new features and enhancements released across a number of areas; induction, deliveries, billing, and visitor passes. Keep reading for more details on each feature.


Induction exporting results


Kiosk Question Rules - Improvements

You can now set a kiosk rule to use the Location Defaults. This will keep this rule in line with the questions enabled at this location.

New Service Provider Permission Settings

We have enhanced the Data Access Permissions available to your service provider portal users. There are now many more granular controls over what your service provider portal users can manage through the service provider portal. For more information, see this article.


Information capture for Deliveries 

Ever wanted for a delivery driver or courier to enter the barcode of the parcel or who it is from into WhosOnLocation? With the latest feature, you can ask the delivery person to enter the sender's details and/or the parcel tracking number. These details can be optional or mandatory. For more information, see this article.


Duplicate Badge Pass printing 

You can now automatically print a second visitor pass directly from the Kiosk. The second pass is great to use as a car pass.

To enable this, refer to the option below: 


Custom questionnaires, Service Provider Portal, Insurance settings

Custom Questionnaires

You can now edit custom questions that are active on the Kiosk. Allowing you to edit, archive and manage your custom questions as needed. You will see the following changes in Questionnaire Manager:

  • Manage button for all active questionnaires.
  • When the Manage button is clicked a confirmation will be displayed “Because this questionnaire has submissions, editing this questionnaire will result in a new questionnaire being created and the existing questionnaire archived.”  You can either Proceed or Cancel if you don’t want to proceed.
  • When editing a questionnaire any changes made will create a duplicate questionnaire. This will archive the old question and the new question will be added to the live questionnaire.
  • Addition of Publish Questionnaire button. This will show when a duplication questionnaire is created. When pushed an alert will appear  “After publishing this questionnaire the existing questionnaire will be archived and linked Kiosk will be updated to use this questionnaire”.

Insurance Settings

When updating your default Insurance settings a pop up will present “Do you want to apply these defaults to all insurance policies? This will overwrite all existing insurance policy settings to match these defaults”. Users can choose Save and Update Policies or Save Only.

Push Notifications

Our first major feature release for September is Push Notifications.

WolMobile Push Notifications allows you to send instant visitor notification alerts to employees without incurring any cost.

What do our employees need to use Push Notifications:

  • A mobile phone with WolMobile installed and activated
  • Data connection or mobile data turned on


When turned on we will always attempt to deliver the notification via Push Notification first, if it is unable to be delivered after 1 minute, it will revert to sending via SMS.

 Each employee wanting to receive Push Notifications will need to be granted access, download and activate WolMobile.


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