How To Use WolScan

This article details how to use WolScan to sign in visitors. User Role required: Sign In/Out Manager.

WolScan is our iPhone app to quickly scan, capture, and store visitor’s photo ID adding a layer of security to the way you greet, manage, and maintain your on-site security. WolScan must be enabled by your Account Owner or IT Support user in your WhosOnLocation Account before it can be used to scan photo ID’s.

Click here for details on how to enable WolScan within your WhosOnLocation account.

There are three steps to using WolScan:

  1. Linking WolScan to your WhosOnLocation profile.
  2. Scanning a visitor’s photo ID using WolScan.
  3. Signing in the visitor using WhosOnLocation.
Please Note: WolScan is only available on iPhone. To use WolScan, you first need to download the app from the App Store.

Linking WolScan to your WhosOnLocation Profile

When using WolScan, the first step is to link the WolScan app on your phone to your WhosOnLocation account. This will tell the app where to send the data when a visitor’s photo ID is scanned.  

On your computer:

  1. Log into WhosOnLocation.
  2. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  3. Click the More Action menu.
  4. Select Connect to WolScan.


This will display a QR code pop-up on the screen for you to scan with the WolScan app on your phone.


On your phone:

  1. Open WolScan.
  2. Tap Connect to WhosOnLocation.

  3. Scan the QR Code on your computer with your phone.

    WolScan will be linked to your WhosOnLocation profile and the pop-up on your computer will close.

Please Note: If the Scan and Capture option is not activated for the location, the option to Connect to WolScan will not appear. Click here for information on activating this option.

You will need to unlink WolScan from your WhosOnLocation profile when you finish signing in visitors, whether at the end of the day or going on a break. To do so, tap Disconnect in the top-left corner of WolScan.

Please Note: If you log out of WhosOnLocation before disconnecting from the app, you still need to disconnect the app on your phone before you can use it again.

Scanning a Photo ID

Now your device is connected to your WhosOnLocation profile, you can use WolScan to scan and record a visitor’s photo ID in your WhosOnLocation account.

Before scanning ensure your ID type matches what you have set under Scan Mode. To change Scan Mode:

  1. Tap Change ID Type.
  2. Scroll through the ID types and highlight the ID type you want to use. If the type does not appear, use Generic Photo ID.
  3. Tap Select ID Type.

Please Note: The ID type chosen will remain until changed.

With the ID type set, you can now scan your visitors photo ID. To do this:

  1. Tap Scan ID.
  2. Position the ID in front of your phone’s camera. The ID should be positioned within the on-screen frame.

  3. The ID will scan automatically. You can see the processing pixels reading the ID during scanning.
  4. The captured ID details will display on-screen.
  5. Tap Confirm and Submit Scan.


The ID details will be sent to your WhosOnLocation account and will display in a pop-up on your PC screen. If you need to re-scan the ID, tap Close in the top-left corner and start over.

Quick Tip! Removing glare from the ID will give the best results for scanning. Try positioning it without light behind you or in reduced lighting.

Signing In a Visitor

On completion of scanning your visitor’s photo ID and sending the data to your WhosOnLocation account, you can use the captured data to sign in visitors. Visitors can be signed in as:

  • A new visitor.
  • A pre-registered visitor.
  • The captured ID details can be added to an already signed in visitor.

Sign In a New Visitor

From the WolScan ID pop-up:

  1. Click Sign In New Visitor.


    You will be taken to the visitor sign and the captured photo ID details will be pre-populated.
  2. Enter the remaining visitor details.
  3. Click Sign In. Your visitor is now signed in.

Sign In a Pre-Registered Visitor

From the WolScan ID pop-up:

  1. Click the search bar.
  2. Begin typing the visitor’s name, results will appear after entering three letters.
    Please Note: This search field returns both pre-registered and currently on-site visitors.
  3. Click the pre-registered visitor’s name.

  4. Click Next.

    You will be taken to the visitor sign in with all pre-registered information and scanned ID details.
  5. Enter any additional details that were not populated from the scanned or pre-registration.
  6. Click Sign In.

Add ID Details to an On-Site Visitor

From the WolScan ID pop-up:

  1. Click the search bar.
  2. Begin typing the visitor’s name, results will appear after entering three letters.
    Please Note: This search field returns both on-site and pre-registered visitors.
  3. Click the on-site visitor’s name.

  4. Click Next.

    The visitor’s details will appear in a pop-up with the scanned ID details.
  5. Verify the information is all correct.
  6. Click Save Visitor.


Editing ID Details

To edit or add ID information, from the Identity Verification tab in the sign in process:

  1. Click Edit Details.

  2. Add or edit any details required.
  3. Click Finish Editing.


To re-enter all information from the scan, click Clear Scan, re-scan the ID, and the details will be added to the visitor in you are viewing.

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