Changelog 55 - WolScan, Induction Results, and Contractor Portal Invites

For our November 2018 product update, we are delighted to announce the release of our newest feature to the WhosOnLocation product suite, ID Scanning with WolScan. We are also pleased to launch reporting for failed induction results, improved access to invite management for the Service Provider Portal, improvements to printing setup, and a new visitor question option.

ID Scanning With WolScan

Keeping your organization and those that work within it safe and secure is critical for any organization. It’s also vital that you can verify the visitors you are inviting into your organization or worksite. One way this can be done is by sighting their photo identification and entering those details into WhosOnLocation. ID scanning with WolScan streamlines the capturing of visitors' photo ID allowing you to validate the identity of visitors removing any guess work ensuring only those allowed on-site gain access.


WolScan is our iPhone app for ID scanning enabling you to scan, capture, and record a visitor’s photo ID. The information collected when a visitor’s ID is scanned is sent to WhosOnLocation to either sign in a new visitor or update an existing/pre-registered visitor’s profile.

Click here for more information on ID Scanning with WolScan.

Failed Induction Results

When an employee or contractor fails an online induction, you may want to see where they have gone wrong so that you can provide additional learning to them or if a number of people are failing the same induction course you may want to see the results of these attempts to look for common threads.

You can now export the results of failed inductions to help you manage your induction courses, provide additional training to learners, or simply report on individuals' results.


Click here for more information on how to export induction results.

Service Provider Portal Invites

We have released a new method of granting your contractors access to use your Service Provider Portal through the Service Provider Members List using the Run Action menu.

This method can be used by anyone who is adding contractors in your account as they can grant this permission without having access to the Portal Administration settings.


Click here for instructions on how to update your members using the Run Action menu. 

Printing Improvements

We have released an update to the browsers we support for printing. The changes are for Firefox and Chrome.

Please Note: We haven’t made any changes to Internet Explorer printing.

Printing With Chrome

We now support Kiosk printing using Chrome. This setup uses the print preview tool to configure the page settings and a custom shortcut to print automatically.

Click here for instructions on setting up silent printing on Chrome.

Printing With Firefox

With recent updates to Firefox, our printing plugin is no longer supported. We are now supporting a new silent printing method which can be used for any version. This setup uses the print preview tool to configure the page settings and an added browser command to print automatically.

Please Note: The previous printing method of using the MeadCo plugin with Firefox 52 ESR is still supported. These changes only apply to later versions of Firefox.

Click here for instructions on setting up silent printing on Firefox.

Visitor Question Option

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest improvement to Basic Visitor Questions. This feature was highly requested by you, our customers, and we are excited to bring it to you as one of our final releases for 2018.

The improvements to the Basic Visitor Questions give you the option to allow visitors to skip the organization question or disable completely. Until now it was mandatory to ask the visitor's organization as it was used to remember returning visitors. This feature can be activated within your Questionnaire Manager for the location.

Please Note: The organization option can be managed at the location level only and is not customizable for each Kiosk.
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