How to Sign Out a Visitor

How to sign out visitors with the Sign In/Out Manager. User Role required to access this section: Sign In/Out Manager.

There are two options to sign out visitors using the Sign In/Out Manager; individually or in bulk via run action.

To view your signed in visitors, and sign them out, go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager and click Sign Out.


Sign Out Visitors Individually

If you just want to sign out one visitor, click Sign Out next to their name.


Quick Tip! Use the Keyword Search to find visitors more easily.


Sign Out Visitors via Run Action

To sign out multiple visitors at once:

  1. Select the visitors using the checkboxes on the right.
  2. Click the Run Action menu.
  3. Select Sign Visitor Out.
  4. Click Run Action.


Quick Tip! Use the # Records button to display more visitors.


Sign out by scanning

Please Note: To scan visitors in using Sign In/Out Manager, you will need an external QR/barcode scanner connected to the Sign In/Out Manager's computer.
  1. Scan WolPass, badge pass, or assigned ID card.

    This will display a popup with a summary of their information.
  2. Click Sign Out.

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