Overview of Sign In/Out Manager Features

The Sign In/Out Manager is a rich feature for your reception and or security teams to manage the signing in/out of visitors, service providers, and employees for your locations.

To access these features, you must be assigned the Sign In/Out Manager user role by your WhosOnLocation administrator.


Quick Tip! For quick and easy access add the Sign In/Out Manager page to your favorites. To do this click the star in the top-right corner of the page, give the view a name, and click OK. The view you are currently on will be saved to your favorites.


If allocated more than one location under your Sign In/Out Manager role you can swap between locations to sign people in and of each location. This allows employees who work at multiple locations to manage people signing in/out from the same login.


Access Point

Access Points are set in each location and reference the location where the visitor, service provider, or employee is signed in/out of. This could be Main Reception, Warehouse Entrance, Staff Entrance, etc.  Most locations only have one Access Point, however if you have more than one, you can select the correct one for your setup here.

Access Points are set by your WhosOnLocation Administrator.


More Actions Menu

The More Action menu offers additional actions which are related to the Sign In/Out Manager role.


  • Pre-register visitors and On-Site Summary
  • Panic Alarm – activated by your WhosOnLocation Administrator
  • Deliveries - activated by your WhosOnLocation Administrator
  • Connect to WolScan - activated by your WhosOnLocation Administrator.

Click here for more information on features.

Language Selection

If the multi-language add-on is enabled, a Sign In/Out Manager can choose their preferred language here. The languages available to them are enabled by their Administrator.

When a language is selected, all functions of the Sign In/Out Manager are translated into that language.


Please Note: The notifications that are generated from the Sign In/Out Manager are not translated, e.g. visitor arrival notifications.

People Search

Use People Search to find visitors, employees, or service providers on/off-site or pre-registered at your location. A great tool to quickly find people within large lists.

To search for a person; click the search query bar, enter their name, and select from the returned results.


Visitor Sign In Button

Use the Visitor Sign In button to sign in general, or pre-registered visitors. Click here for more information on signing in visitors.


Sign Out Button

Use the Sign Out button to sign out visitors, employees, and service providers.

Click the button to view the list of everyone currently on-site. Choose the name from the list and sign them out.


People Tabs

The People tabs allow you to select the type of person (visitors, employees, or service providers) you are signing in.

The Visitor tab includes sub-tabs where you can view pre-registered visitors.


The Employees and Service Providers tabs shows a list of all people with access to sign in at the location. If a person is missing from their expected list, it means they do not have access to the location, either because they have not been giving location permission or their profile is not active. People who are denied access from a Trigger will still appear in these lists.


Pre-Registered Visitors

From the pre-registered visitor list you can view two types of events; pre-registered individual visitor and group events. You can view the same details and perform the same actions for both types of events.

For individual events you can view and action from the dashboard. For group events you need to select options from the dashboard to trigger pop-ups to show information or perform actions.


The date and time the visitor(s) have been scheduled to arrive.


Details the name of the visitor or, if pre-registered as a group, the name of the group. Click on the name to view the details entered during pre-registration including who pre-registered them and their contact information.



Details the organization the pre-registered visitor is from. If a group is visiting and they are from different organizations, Various will display.


Details the employee the visitor is visiting. The employee will receive a notification when the visitor has signed in. You can click on the employee’s name to see their contact details and if they are currently signed in.



Change any details captured in the pre-registration event by clicking Edit. You can change expected time, host details, visitor details, and the location of the event.

Send Email

To send an email (WolPass) to your visitors click Send Email to trigger the pop-up. From here you can edit the email address to send the WolPass, send your visitor a WolPass and see when the last WolPass was sent.


Please Note: The WolPass Add-on needs to be activated and a WolPass enabled for your location to use this feature. Click here for more information on WolPass.

Print Passes

Pre-print a pre-registered visitor’s badge pass. The badge pass can be used to sign the visitor in using a Kiosk or just given to the visitor when they arrive on-site to be worn during their visit.

Please Note: Pre-print badges need to be enabled in the Sign In/Out Manager and printing passes is only available if printing has been fully set up by Administrators.

There are two options available for printing passes:

  • Print Pass will print from the computer you are using. This requires a badge pass to be enabled as the location default.
  • Kiosk Print Pass will print the pass from a Kiosk set up with Print Sharing. If you have more than one Kiosk with print sharing enabled, you can choose which one to print the badge pass from when you click Kiosk Print Pass.

If you are printing passes for a group, click Print Passes then use the same options from the pop-up to print.


Sign In

Use Sign In to sign your visitor into the location. If signing in visitors in a pre-registered group, when you click Sign In you will trigger a pop-up where you can sign in visitors individually or altogether.


Cancelling Pre-registered Visitors

Use the Run Action menu to cancel a pre-registered visitor event.

  1. Select the event(s) using the checkbox(es) on the right.
  2. Click the Run an Action menu.
  3. Select Cancel the Visitor.
  4. Click Run Action.


The pre-registered event will be cancelled and removed from Sign In/Out Manager.

Please Note: If cancelling a group visit event, you cannot cancel individual visitors from the Sign In/Out Manager, you need to edit the pre-registration event to remove people.
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