Changelog 57 – Employee permissions, API enhancements, Multi-language add-on, and Induction user role improvements

For our May 2019 product update, we are happy to announce the release of new settings for managing employee actions, new languages and visitor/contractor arrival notifications delivered in your locations native language added to the multi-language feature, further customization options to the induction manager user role, and we have extended our API to include managing insurance policies.

Employee Permissions

Granting an employee access to pre-register or sign a visitor in from a list of pre-registered guests can streamline your visitor registration, and arrival on-site. Due to your company procedures you may also want to remove permission to sign in visitors from employees. The new employee permissions section lets you remove this permission ensuring visitors are signed in either at the Kiosk or by a Sign In/Out Manager.


Click here for more information on managing employee permissions.

Multi-Language Add-On Improvements

There are two new improvements to the multi-language add-on; new languages and translated arrival notifications.

Click here for details on the multi-language add-on.

New Languages

We have released two new languages for our multi-language add-on with a third on the way.

We now support 10 languages with the release of Norwegian and Finnish. We are currently working on number 11, Danish, which is coming soon.


Multi-Language Arrival Notifications

When you are using the multi-language add-on, you can select a default language. This is the language that your Kiosk and Sign In/Out Manager interfaces are displayed in by default and your badge passes are printed in. Now, guest arrival notifications (SMS, email, and push notification) will be sent to employees in your default language.


Please Note: Your location's email signature will not be translated. Click here for information on editing this.

Induction Manager User Role Improvements

The induction manager user role has added customization to allow for more granular managing of courses. You can now set an induction manager’s user role to a limited function and choose which locations they manage courses for.


Click here for information on user roles.

When creating an induction course, you can restrict the management of courses to specific location managers. If you have limited induction manager rights, you will only be able to create, manage, and remove courses for your own location.


Click here for information on induction course settings.

API Enhancements

You can now manage insurance policies for service provider organizations using the WhosOnLocation API. Functions available are; GET a list of policies, POST a new policy or update an existing policy, this includes documents attached to the policy, GET a single policy from the policy ID, and DELETE a policy from the policy ID.


Click here for details on our API Schema.

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