Brivo Integration FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Brivo integration.

Can I import employees into different locations in WhosOnLocation?

No, any new employees created in Brivo and imported into WhosOnLocation through the Brivo integration will be added to the default location set in the User Sync Settings.

Can I import service providers into WhosOnLocation?

Yes, to identify service providers in Brivo to be imported into WhosOnLocation, create a group in Brivo called Service Providers and add users into the group. When they are imported, they will be added as service providers rather than employees in WhosOnLocation.

Once added to your account, you will need to assign them to an organization.

Can I Sync Visitors to Brivo?

Yes. If you enable visitor syncing a unique code (QR/barcode) will be generated which can use as a by the visitor to sign in /out and/or open doors.

If a user scans in using the Brivo system, will they be signed into WhosOnLocation?

Yes, this is the core of the integration. Whenever a user signs in using either Brivo or WhosOnLocation, they are signed into WhosOnLocation and added to the evacuation list in case of emergency.

If a user signs in using WhosOnLocation will they be put on-site in Brivo.

No. They will only be put on-site in WhosOnLocation.

Can tokens in WhosOnLocation be added as cards in Brivo?

Yes, when the Brivo integration is enabled a system token type called Brivo Card will be created in WhosOnLocation. Tokens with the Brivo Card type in WhosOnLocation will be added to Brivo.

Click here for more information on adding tokens to Service Providers or Employees.

How often are users synced?

The Brivo integration can be set up to do a daily sync or you can do a manual sync.

Using the WhosOnLocation master database, changes will be synced immediately when they occur.

Can a mobile app be used to sign into/out of WhosOnLocation and open a Brivo door?

Yes, you can use either the Brivo Pass or WolMobile app to do this.

Brivo Pass

If a user opens a door using Brivo Pass, they will be signed in/out of WhosOnLocation if that door is assigned to a Location Access Point in the Door Settings and sets the user status to on-/off-site.


If a user signs in/out using WolMobile, a trigger can be set up in WhosOnLocation to open a Brivo door.

How should I manage users across the two systems?

Some information is system specific and, if required, will need to be manage in the related system only. However, you should only ever add users in one system and then use the sync to push that basic information into the other system.

Details that are synced or managed through the sync include the user's name and their Brivo Groups.

WhosOnLocation Specific Information

Inductions, qualifications, contact information, and organization information are all specific to WhosOnLocation and aren’t relevant to Brivo.

Brivo Specific Information

Card type, middle name, and custom fields are specific to Brivo and are not relevant to WhosOnLocation.

What type of QR/Barcode scanners do you recommend?

Qscan scanners from International Barcode (IBC) work with most Brivo setups to easily scan QR Codes and Barcodes. They have a range of scanners for different setups:

Qscan Outdoor - Durable scanner for outdoor access control systems.

Qscan Indoor - Default scanner for internal access control systems.

QscanT - Mountable scanner for use on turnstiles.

Qscan Mini - Compact scanner for smaller Kiosks and turnstiles.