Changelog 58 - Update to Master Subscription Agreement

We have updated our Master Subscription Agreement (MSA), effective from July 1, 2019. The changes include:

  • New and/or updated definitions for Account, Campus, Reseller, and Subscription Fees, Subscriber, Subscription Plan, Subscription Term, and Trial Period
  • Updates to the following clauses:
    • 2.2. Parties and this Relationship: To reflect the growing involvement of our Channel Partners and Resellers in our customer engagements.
    • 3.0. Scope and Intent: To reflect the fact that these Terms are binding on any use of the Service (including where you have procured your Subscription Plan from a Channel Partner).
    • 6.3. Trial Policy: Updated to accommodate those situations where a trialist wishes to become a subscriber ‘before’ their trial period has ended.
    • 8.0. Your Obligations: Updated to accommodate those situations where the Customer has purchased their Subscription Plan from one of our Channel Partners.
  • We have introduced a Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) - see Schedule 1 of our Master Subscription Agreement. The DPA clarifies Data Controller and Data Processor responsibilities in accordance with GDPR for Personal Data that we collect and process in the course of providing the Services under the Master Subscription Agreement (e.g. visitor, contractor, and/or employee information).
  • Plus a number of minor wording and spelling changes.

To review the current and new MSA’s:

  • The current MSA, effective from September 1, 2018  until June 30, 2019 can be viewed here.
  • The new MSA, effective July 1, 2019 can be viewed here.
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