Webhooks FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Webhooks integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data can be sent with Webhooks?

Any data associated with a sign in event can be sent using webhooks. This is data about the person signing in/out, where they signed in/out, how they signed in/out, and what they are doing on-site. Anything that can be found in the People Presence report can be sent using webhooks.

What data can be received with Webhooks?

Our Webhooks integration can only be used to send information. Our API can be used to update or manage data within your WhosOnLocation Account.

What tools can I use with Webhooks?

They can be used with any service that allows you to setup an incoming webhook. One commonly used tool is Zapier.

How can I test my Webhooks?

We recommend using RequestBin for testing webhooks.

Can I use Webhooks with my access control system?

Yes, you can send data to an access control system that allows incoming webhooks to tell it to open a door when someone signs in/out.

Can I send notifications to my guests using Webhooks?

Yes, if you have a third-party application which can receive information and then send a notification to your guests.

Do you have any examples of what third-party applications can do with data from webhooks?

Yes, but it depends on the application. Some examples of what could be sent by your third-party application are:

  • send arrival and departure notifications (e.g. Slack)
  • opening doors or gates (e.g. an access control systems)
  • recording sign in/out information for payroll (e.g. time and attendance applications)
  • send additional information to a guest (e.g. Wi-Fi password, health & safety information)
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