Setting up Alcolizer Triggers

How to set up Triggers to use with the Alcolizer integration.
User Roles required to access these settings: Administrator and Triggers Manager.

 Once you have set up your Alcolizer with WhosOnLocation to record breath test results, you can set up triggers to deny access and/or send notifications when someone returns a negative breath test result.

Please Note: These are recommended settings. You can adjust these to fit your organization’s requirements as required.
  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Triggers from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click Create a New Trigger.
  5. Enter a Name.
  6. Set the Status to Active.
  7. Select a Trigger Event based on who you are breath testing. If multiple people types, you will need to set up multiple triggers.

  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Create a New Rule using either section.
  10. For a no alcohol tolerance, select Alcolizer – Breath Test Result > greater than > 0. Adjust this to meet your requirements.

  11. (Optional) Add any other rules you want to narrow when this trigger will activate.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click Create a New Action.
  14. To deny access, select Deny Access – Deny Access to a Person from the drop down.
  15. Enter the Style, Title, and Message to be displayed on screen using the placeholders to create dynamic content, e.g. the person’s name.

  16. To send a notification to relevant people, click Create a New Action
  17. Select Notification: Send an Email or SMS.
  18. Enter the Recipient(s).
  19. Enter the Subject and Message using the placeholders to create dynamic content, e.g. the person’s name.

  20. Click Save & Close.

The trigger will activate when alcohol is detected to your set level, and the person denied access to your location.

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