Basic Employee Questions

The Basic Employee Questions section is where you choose the questions you’ll ask employees when they sign into your site. User Role required to access these settings: Administrator.

Navigating to Basic Employee Questions

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Questionnaire Manager from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the the Basic Questions Employees tab.


Enabling Questions

Please Note: Badge Pass Rules are not questions that are asked during sign in, they are used to set the conditions for printing an employee badge pass.

Clicking Activate next to each question will give you a second Required option. Setting a question to required means it cannot be skipped during the sign-in process. 

Exceptions to this include: 

Token options - there are a number of options here for the various questions you can ask when an employee signs in with a token.

And these options are either enabled or disabled only:

  • Photo Capture
  • Bypass summary screen

Enabling Questions for WolMobile

Questions for WolMobile can also be set in this section. You must have the WolMobile add-on activated to see these options. 

What Does Each Section Do?

Basic employee questions are split into seven sections:

Visit Options - get more details around each visit


Area/Zone Selection – The options displayed will be the zones connected to the selected access point. If there’s only one connecting zone, this question will be skipped.

Area/Zone Selection Other – Employee can select ‘other’ to enter their answer in a free text field. This is treated as part of ‘Any Zone’ in Kiosk Question Rules.

Health and Safety - identify who needs assistance in an emergency


Evacuation Assistance - Asks if help would be needed in an evacuation. 

Expected Duration On-site - The answer can be used as a trigger to send a notification if someone is past their expected finish time.

Working Alone - Identifies who will be working at risk.

Safety Operator - Employee can select a person to be their safety operator. You’ll need to have tagged employees and/or service providers with the 'Safety Operator' role to use this.

Photo Capture - add a photo to an employee's sign in record


Photo Capture - Activate to take an employee's photo when they sign in.

Photo Capture Frequency - How often a photo of an meployee should be taken. 

Photo Retention Policy - How long an employee's photo is to be stored on our servers.

Privacy Statement - This will display a disclaimer statement below the photo capture field. Automatically applies to all Kiosks in a location with Photo Capture enabled.

Token Options - manage settings for signing in with a token

This section will only be visible if you have activated the Identity Manager add-on. 


Do Not present any questions. Simple Tag on, Tag off - If this option is selected, you will also have the option of enabling Quick Scan (see below). 

Quick Scan Tokens and Background Sync - This only appears if the above option is enabled. This setting speeds up sign-in by switching your Kiosk into a background sync mode, gradually sending information to WhosOnLocation instead of syncing before allowing the next person to scan in/out. 

Please Note: If Quick Scan mode is enabled your sign in/out data may be slightly delayed as the information is being synced with WhosOnLocation.

Present Basic Questions - Displays basic questions that have been enabled for employees.

Present Custom Questionnaires - Displays custom questionnaires that have been activated on the Kiosk for employees.

Present Acknowledgement Notices - Displays any Acknowledgement Notices created for employees.

Badge Pass Rules - manage settings on when a pass will print

Please Note: You must have an Employee Badge Pass Template created in your account to use this section.


Click here for full instructions on How To Set Up Rules and how they work.

Alcolizer - breathalyze employees as they come on-site

You will need to have enabled the Alcolizer integration for your location to see this section. 


Include Breath Test – asks the employee to take a breath test using the Aloclizer unit during sign in.

Alcolizer Screen Instruction – Customize the instructions for your location to say where the unit is located, how it should be used, and/or why you require this.

Other options


Bypass Summary Screen - Skip the screen that confirms the employee's answers when signing in at the Kiosk.

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