Changelog 60 - WolKiosk Improvements, Triggers on WolGuard, Improved location addresses, and New ID Card template

For our August 2019 product update, we’re releasing Bluetooth printing for WolKiosk. Plus the ability to use triggers with WolGuard, Google authentication for location addresses, and a new ID Card template.

Bluetooth Printing

You can now connect your Brother QL-820NWB printer with your iPad using Bluetooth without having to rely on WiFi.

Bluetooth printing can be used when:

  • Your wireless connection isn't strong enough to be reliable
  • Your iPad is using a cellular connection rather than WiFi
  • Your wireless network uses a very high level of security making it difficult to connect to


To use Bluetooth printing, you need:

  • The latest version of WolKiosk 2.8 or above
  • iOS 10 or above
  • Compatible printer - Brother QL-820NWB


To set up your WhosOnLocation account for Bluetooth printing:

  1. Set up a badge pass template.
  2. Set your Kiosk Device to iPad.
  3. Select Bluetooth for iPad printing method.
  4. Enable your badge pass in the Mode tab.

To pair your Kiosk iPad and Brother printer:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your printer.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad.
  3. Open the WolKiosk app and log in.
  4. Tab the Kiosk Menu in the top-right corner.
  5. Select Kiosk Settings.

  6. Enter your PIN.
  7. Set 'Print badge passes?' to Yes.

  8. Tap Pair Bluetooth Printer.

  9. Select your Brother printer.
  10. Tap Return to Kiosk.


If your Brother printer isn't available for selection, it means that the iPad and printer have not paired correctly. To resolve this issue go to the Bluetooth settings in your iPad and connect the printer before selecting in-app.


WolGuard Improvement

WolGuard is our Android app supported on Cipher Lab mobile computers for signing in/out employees and service providers. The app was designed to be used in areas that may not always have a stable internet connection or are remote, to do this we developed a method of processing sign ins in the background. Meaning that people can be signed in/out very quickly. However, pop-up and deny access triggers will not work with this background processing as the information is not returned to the device to display.

You now have the option to process movements in real-time using WolGuard. This means triggers will be fully functional including pop-ups and denying entry. This will ensure people working on-site meet your health & safety requirements. However, the processing setting can only be used when connected to the internet, as the device needs to talk to your account to process movements.

If not connected to the internet, WolGuard will revert to background processing.


Click here for details on how to set up real-time processing mode.

Google Address Authentication

When setting up a new location, or a new account, you need to enter your location's address. Previously, this was a free text entry field. Now, all addresses will be verified using Google Maps to ensure that it is real and accurate.

You can update your existing locations to have Google authenticated addresses by going to Tools > Locations, click View next to a location, and re-entering your location's address.


ID Card Template

We have developed a new ID Card template which displays the cardholder's photo or a QR Code prominently in the center of the card. You can use this template with a QR Code only or barcode and photo.


Click here for details on how to set up an ID Card template.

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