Changelog 61 - Instant Messages

For our October 2019 product update we are pleased to announce a new Instant Message feature along with some small changes to the Acknowledgment Notices add-on.

Instant Messages

Informing users of important notices in a timely manner is a key part of keeping your workplace safe. Instant Messages give you the ability to send notifications to inform of events, helping you keep those in your duty of care informed and safe.

An Instant Message is a one-off notification sent to an audience via text and/or email. An audience can be any combination of employees, service providers, and visitors broken into various subcategories based on signed-in status or groupings.


Click here for more information on Instant Messages.

Acknowledgment Notices

The introduction of Instant Messages has required some minor changes to the Acknowledgment Notices add-on. 

We have changed the name of the Acknowledgment Notices add-on to Important Notices. The Important Notices add-on now includes both Acknowledgments and Instant Messages. We have combined these features into one add-on as they are both used to share relevant information with people but at different times. How do they differ:

  • Acknowledgement Notices provide information during sign in/out
  • Instant Messages distribute one-off important information
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