OnLocation Mobile user FAQ

Frequently asked questions for users of OnLocation Mobile.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use OnLocation Mobile?

Yes, you need to have WiFi or data enabled on your smartphone to use OnLocation Mobile. 

What smartphone permissions does OnLocation Mobile need?

OnLocation Mobile needs permission to use the location settings and send Push Notifications. Your phone’s Bluetooth also needs to be on if your location is using beacons for auto sign-in but the app doesn’t need permission to use this.

Can I use OnLocation Mobile for different organizations I work with?

Yes, you can add all the organizations you work with that are using OnLocation Mobile at their locations. You will still need to switch between locations in order to sign in/out of each organization.

Does OnLocation Mobile track my location?

Yes but only if your location has enabled automatic following while you are signed in and will report on your location constantly until you sign out.

Can my location be tracked manually?

Yes, you can do so manually after signing in.

Where else is my location tracked? 

Your location is always used by OnLocation Mobile for auto sign-in/out, to provide you with distances to various locations, and to provide your location if you send an SOS alert.

Why would my location be tracked?

Your location is typically tracked for safety reasons. For example, when working alone, entering a hazardous site, working in a remote location, or traveling between locations you might need to be checked on from time to time according to your company’s policies.

Can OnLocation Mobile report on my location when I am signed out?

No, any geolocation reporting ends when you sign out. 

Will SOS work when I am signed out? 

Yes, the SOS feature will work when you are signed out if you are an employee of the organization using OnLocation Mobile, it will also include your geolocation.  

Can I use OnLocation Mobile with my smartphone’s location services turned off?

Yes, but usability is limited. You will still be able to manually sign in/out and receive push notifications. Features that will not work include:

  • Auto sign-in/out
  • SOS
  • Location tracking
  • Distances to nearby locations

How much battery does OnLocation Mobile use?

We have developed OnLocation Mobile to be as battery efficient as possible by minimizing the number of times the app needs to be active to automatically sign in/out and receive push notifications. If your location is constantly being reported on, this will use significantly more battery because this requires the app to be constantly active and sending data.

Why am I not signed out as soon as I cross my location's geofence?

Due to technological limitations, OnLocation Mobile custom-shaped geofences must have a circular boundary around them to conserve battery usage. The boundary ensures that your phone does not start checking your proximity to the geofence until you cross this line. If this boundary did not exist, your phone would constantly check your location and drain the battery.

Auto sign-out won't occur until you cross the circular boundary because phones don't register custom shaped geofences in the background. This is a limitation of geofence technology.

OnLocation Mobile can only pick up when you cross the circular boundary in the background, which has a minimum diameter of 100m. If the custom geofence is larger, the circular boundary will also be larger.

Android has lower reliability when picking up this boundary, so we've built a backup periodic location check-in. If it doesn't pick up the boundary, OnLocation Mobile will sign the user out on this check if they're off-site.