Important Notices Reporting

This article details how to view reports for Important Notices. User Role  required to access these reports: Reports User.

There is a report for each type of Important Notice; Acknowledgment notices and Instant Messages.

Acknowledgment Notice Reports

To view the response from each Acknowledgment Notice: 

Go to Reporting > Acknowledgment Notice Reports to view responses to all acknowledgment notices.


Select Your Acknowledgment Notice

Choose your Location or All Locations at the top of the page, then use the filters in grey to see the results for your notice.

  1. Select the Status of your notice:
    Current - Acknowledgment Notices which are currently being presented.
    Archived - Acknowledgment Notices which have been archived and are no longer being presented.
  2. Select your Notice, only notices with the selected status will appear.
  3. If you are searching for responses from a particular person, enter this in the Keyword Search.
  4. Click Search.

All responses to the selected Acknowledgment Notices will appear in the report.

Report Fields

Submitted - The date and time the notice was responded to.

Notice Name - The name of the Acknowledgment Notice.

Responder Name - The name of the person who responded.

Response - The submitted response.

Response Message - If a response required additional information, the additional response which was entered.

Notice Frequency - How often the notice is displayed to the audience.

Notice Audience - If the responder is an Employee, Service Provider, or Visitor.

Location - The location the responder signed into or out of where they were displayed the Acknowledgment Notice.

To Export a Report

You can export the report you are currently viewing to a CSV file using the green Export Report as CSV button.

The CSV file will show all possible fields for that report including columns that are not currently being viewed.

Instant Messages

You can view the results of instant messages being sent from the Notification Summary.

  1. Go to Reporting > Notification Summary.
  2. Select your Location.
  3. Click the month that your message was sent.
  4. Set Notification Type to Instant Message.
  5. Click Search.


Please Note: You can narrow the date that the message was sent using the date filters.

Report Fields

Please Note: Not all fields available will apply to instant messages, if they are blank they are not applicable.

Sent - The date and time the message was sent.

Method - How the message was sent, Email, Push, or SMS.

Employee Name - The name of the employee who received the message if applicable. 

Recipient - Where the message was sent, email address, mobile number, or WolMobile for Push Notification.

Credits Used - Number of SMS credits used is applicable.

Status - Color-coded to show the sent status of the message.

  • Green - Sent.
  • Orange - Pending.
  • Blue - Sent but pending delivery receipt.
  • Red - Unable to send.

Click View Info to view the logs of the sending, this will show the full sending process and any errors that occurred.

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