Managing auto sign in/out settings

Learn how to change your personal settings for automatic signing in/out using WolMobile.

How auto sign in/out works

Auto sign in/out is a feature that can be enabled for locations by your WhosOnLocation Administrators. If a location you have access to is using auto sign in/out, you will be able to view and, if required, change your auto sign in/out settings for your smartphone.

There are three possible settings for auto-sign in/out:

  • Automatic – you will be auto signed in/out when you enter/leave the location's geofence.
  • Prompt – you will be sent a push notification asking you if you want to sign in/out when you enter/leave a geofence.
  • Disabled – you will not be auto signed in/out or prompted.

You cannot set your personal settings higher than the location settings, e.g. if the location is set to prompt at sign in, you can either use prompt or disable the feature, you cannot use automatic as this is higher than the location settings.

Location setup

Your location's WhosOnLocation Administrator has set a geofence in a circle around the location. This geofence works with your smartphone’s location services, when you cross into or out of the geofence, your smartphone will alert WolMobile which will trigger the auto sign-in/out settings.

Your location may also have Bluetooth beacons set up. Beacons act to make your auto sign-in settings more accurate. They are small Bluetooth devices that can connect to your smartphone automatically when you are within range. 

If beacons are set up in your location when you cross the geofence your smartphone will start scanning for beacons. Once connected to a beacon, the auto sign-in settings will activate.

Beacons are only used for auto sign-in. Once signed in, the smartphone will not check for beacons until signed out again.

Manage your settings

Your WolMobile auto sign in/out settings will be set to your location’s default automatically.  If you want to change them from the default:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the top-left.
  2. Tap Auto sign-in/out settings.
  3. Tap a location to manage settings. If the location says Unavailable it means auto sign-in/out has been disabled by the locations WhosOnLocation Administrator.

  4. Tap Auto sign-in mode.

  5. Select the auto sign-in type.
  6. Tap Auto sign-out mode.
  7. Select the auto sign-out type.
  8. Tap Confirm.

Each location has its own auto sign-in/out settings. You will need to make changes to these settings for each location individually.
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