Migrating from WolMobile V1 to V2

This article details how to move your WolMobile users from Legacy to the new version.

Great news! We’ve released a brand new version of WolMobile. It has brand new features that will help you manage the presence and safety of your employees and service providers.

The new WolMobile is a completely new application that requires a new set up in the WhosOnLocation application and for your users to download a new app. To help with your move to the new WolMobile we have provided some steps and basic communications that can be edited and sent to your users.

Please Note: The old WolMobile has been renamed WolMobile Legacy in WhosOnLocation and the new WolMobile is now called WolMobile.

There are typically five steps to migrating your users from WolMobile Legacy to WolMobile:

  1. Enable the new WolMobile integration. 
  2. Configure your new WolMobile settings.
  3. Communications to your users.
  4. Send new invite links to users for WolMobile.
  5. Disable WolMobile Legacy.
Quick Tip! Before you get started, ensure your location address is correct in the location details using the Google Address Verifier. This will be used to tell your users how far away from a location they are and to automatically set a Geofence, if required. Click here for details on how to do this.

Enabling WolMobile Integration

The settings for the new and old versions are separate so you can control your migration. 

Click here for full instructions on enabling this integration or follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the WolMobile integration.

  4. Click Enable.
  5. Click Confirm on the pop-up.
  6. Click Manage Settings next to the WolMobile integration.
  7. Enable your locations.

Configuring WolMobile Settings

Once you have enabled the integration, you need to configure the settings.

Quick Tip! Click here for details of the differences and similarities between the versions.

There are three different settings you can configure:

  1. General Settings.
  2. Auto Sign-In/Out.
  3. SOS.

Auto sign-in/out and SOS are new features but the general settings are the equivalent of what is available in the old version.

One difference is if you are using Service Providers. Previously, you would configure Service Provider settings separate from the location. Now, these settings are all managed at the location level.

The table below shows the comparison of  the old settings to the new settings:


WolMobile Legacy



Sign In/Out

Allow Sign In/Out


Set if employees can sign  in/out using WolMobile.

Set if employees and/or Service Providers can sign in/out at this location.


Employee Location Services

Always follow on-site users


Set if you are using geolocation services and to what level.

Set if you want employees and/or service providers’ location tracking reported on while they are signed in. This is the equivalent of the Auto enable “Follow my Geolocation” setting.


Please Note: The location services options have been reduced for simplicity. The location of an employee or Service Provider will always be sent at sign-in/out.

Informing Your Current WolMobile Legacy Users

We highly recommend communicating with your current Legacy users informing them of the changes and what steps they need to take to move to the new version. This might include:

  • Why you are migrating including new features
  • Instructions on how to download the new version and how to delete legacy
  • That they will receive an invite email with a new activation code to get started
  • Links to Help articles on how to use the new version
  • Instructions on who to contact for help within your organization

You could send this using your own mailing system or from your WhosOnLocation application using the new Instant Message feature.

Please Note: Instant messages are plain text only, and formatting is not as editable as using a dedicated email platform.

Click here for details on how to send instant messages from WhosOnLocation.

Email Template

Here is an example of a template you could send your Legacy users:

Dear [Employee Name]

As part of our Health & Safety requirements, you are required to sign in and out of our locations as you arrive/leave work each day. 

To achieve this, we use WhosOnLocations app WolMobile which enables you to sign in/out of work from your smartphone. WhosOnLocation has developed a new version of this app that we move to from [Date]. 

What does the new version do?

The new WolMobile app has a number of new and improved features that will make signing in/out much easier for you. There are also some additional safety features for messaging and emergencies.

What do I need to do?

  1. On [Date], you will receive an email inviting you to WolMobile. 
  2. Once received, you’ll need to delete your current WolMobile app from your phone (you do not need to sign out first).
  3. Click the link provided in the email to download the new version.

If you want to download the new version ahead of time, you can search for WolMobile in your phone’s app/play store, download the new app, and wait for your new activation code to be sent.

How do I use the new app?

The interface for the new app has been updated and modernized, so it will look quite different to your existing app. It has been designed to be intuitive, to help familiarize yourself with the new app and discover all of the features, please read the user guides here:

WolMobile User Guides

If you need any help or have any issues, first contact:

[Contact Name]
[Contact Email]
[Contact Mobile]

If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to email WhosOnLocation at support@whosonlocation.com.

Thank you

[Management Department]

Send New Invite Links

When you have communicated with your users of the changes, you can send your activation links to invite users to the new version on your chosen migration date.

You will need to send your activation links separately for each location and Service Providers. To do this:

  1. Go to your employee or members list.
  2. Use the # Records dropdown to display up to 1000 users.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Select All.
  4. Select Run an Action > Activate WolMobile.
  5. Select a Method of sending.
  6. Click Run Action.
Quick Tip! If not everyone is using WolMobile, select View Columns > WolMobile to view whether someone is using this. Then sort by that column to group all users and select only those to send a new link.

Click here for more details on how to invite users to WolMobile.

Disable WolMobile Legacy

Prior to disabling Legacy we recommend sending a reminder email to your WolMobile users informing them of the impending removal of Legacy. Once you have migrated all users, you can disable the Legacy add-on.

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Add-on Management from the left-hand menu.
  3. Set WolMobile Legacy to No.
  4. Click Save.


Further Questions

If you have any questions about the new WolMobile, best practices for migrating, or need help with setup, we would recommend these Help articles to get started:

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@whosonlocation.com.

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