Changelog 62 - WolMobile V2 and MSA Updates

For our November 2019 product update we are pleased to announce a brand new version of our personal mobile app used for signing in/out, WolMobile, complete with brand new features such as Auto Sign In/Out and SOS Alerts. And to reflect the new WolMobile app, we’ve made some changes to our Master Subscription Agreement (MSA).

WolMobile V2

The new version of WolMobile has been released as a brand new application full of great new features for improved safety and accuracy.

New Features

The new version of WolMobile has the same great feature of the original, signing in/out and sending your geolocation, as well as some new exciting features including:

Auto Sign In/Out - based on a geofence around your locations, you can have your employees and service providers signing in/out automatically, reducing wait times and increasing accuracy of who's on-site. You can make auto signing in even more accurate using Bluetooth beacons.

SOS Alert - users can send an SOS to nominated recipients if they are ever in trouble and need assistance. Alerts include the users geolocation at time of activation and any contact information available.

Multiple Accounts - service providers who work for multiple companies using WolMobile can now add every company to one app making signing in/out at various jobs easier than ever before.

Click here for more details on all of the wonderful features WolMobile has available.


If you are currently using WolMobile and want to switch, we've given you the ability to fully set up your new options before anyone starts using it.

The new WolMobile is an integration and will be available at the same time as the old version until you turn this off. Once you turn on the integration, you can configure the new settings, then have your WolMobile users download a new version of the app.

Click here for a full guide on how to migrate to the new version of WolMobile.

MSA Updates

To reflect the new WolMobile app we’ve made some changes to our MSA, we also require all WolMobile users to agree to these terms before using the new version.

Click here to read the updated agreement and for an overview of the changes.

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