Changelog 63 - Brivo Integration Changes, Keyboard Layouts, and API Extensions

For our December 2019 product update, we are happy to announce some big changes to our Brivo integration, a new touch-screen keyboard function, and an extension to our API to include managing induction courses.

Brivo Integration Updates

There have been several changes to our Brivo integration to expand the information that can be synced. We have been slowly making these changes throughout the year.


Service Provider Syncing

The integration was originally developed for use with employee records only but we have since expanded to include service providers. Now you can manage employees and Service Providers, from one system syncing to the other and ensure you know who's on-site in an emergency.

Click here for details on how to manage Service Providers with Brivo.

Token Syncing

We have introduced the syncing of tokens from WhosOnLocation to Brivo. This means you can add your employee and service provider access cards into WhosOnLocation, and they will be automatically added to Brivo, saving you time and effort by managing all data from one interface.

Visitor Pass Syncing

Visitors can now use their WhosOnLocation passes to access Brivo doors. These can be either the WolPass emailed to a pre-registered visitor prior to arrival or their badge pass that prints when they sign in. You can choose what doors their pass is allowed to access by creating a visitor access group in Brivo and telling WhosOnLocation to add your visitors to this group.

Click here for more information on managing your visitor's access with Brivo.

Automatic Syncing

Originally the Brivo integration would only sync once per day. This meant that if you were trying to make changes in the system for use that day, you would have to duplicate the work across both systems. We have enhanced this process so that as soon as you make a change or add a user in either system, that addition/change is automatically replicated in the other system immediately.

Multi-Language Keyboard

The release of the multi-language add-on earlier this year gave you the ability to let your visitors sign in/out in their native language instead of the default English. Our new release adds the ability to let your visitors use their native keyboard layout as well. This is especially useful for European countries where names often contain accented characters not available on a standard US keyboard.

Click here for details on how to set this up.


Induction API

You can now manage induction courses for service providers and employees using the WhosOnLocation API.

Functions available for managing the courses are; GET a list of courses, POST a new course or update an existing course, GET a single course from the induction ID, UPDATE a single induction from the induction ID, and DELETE a single course from the induction ID.

Functions available for managing the learners for a course are; GET a list of induction holders for a specific course, POST a new learner for a course, GET a learner's induction course status, PUT a learner's induction course result, and DELETE a learner's induction course result.

Click here for details on our API Schema.


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