About Working from Home and Working Remotely

Working from home (WFH), mobile work, remote work, and the flexible workplace is a work arrangement in which employees do not work from a centrally located workspace, such as an office building. This may be all the time, for a limited time, or for X days a week.


Duty of Care, Best Practice, Employee Safety & Security

In most countries, employers have a general 'duty of care' regarding the health and safety of employees, which apply whether employees are working in a conventional office, working from home (WFH), or remotely, as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’ to do so.

In this Use Case series, we highlight those features that are freely available now within your existing WhosOnLocation subscription that can help your organization manage the safety and security of employees working from home or remotely.

Available right now

  1. Gain visibility of employees on-site, off-site, or working remotely: Gain visibility of those employees that are working from home or working remotely. Go to tutorial now
  2. Set up best practice recurring reminders for employees WFH e.g. to take micro-breaks every day, tips for managing online meetings, protocols for leaving your home, for entering your home, and more. Go to tutorial now
  3. Manage crisis event notices and keep your employees updated e.g. inform employees of the crisis, what your immediate response is going to be, where they will be able to find the latest information, how often your organization will provide updates, and remind them of your crisis management operating procedures. Go to tutorial now
  4. Your office is in lockout - set up alerts for employees breaching the lockout: If an employee enters your facility while it is in lockout then this can create a health and safety risk for your organization. In essence, this lone worker is placing themselves at risk if they have an accident while on-site alone. Set up an alert that is triggered if an employee enters the facility during lockout. Go to tutorial now
Get Started Today! It is important to note that these features are all freely available within your existing subscription, regardless of your plan.

Coming soon!

  1. Set up regular Wellness Checks for employees working remotely: Set up an automated Wellness Check on all employees, or only those WFH or remotely, every X hours or at a specified time each day (will require the free WolMobile Integration).
  2. Set up alerts for those employees that fail to respond to your Wellness Check (will require the free WolMobile Integration).
Please Note: If you have multiple locations you want to deploy these features to you will need to repeat the process above for each location; configuring the requirements for each location to meet its specific needs.

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