Manage crisis event notices and keep your employees updated

Keeping employees informed and updated

During your initial efforts to deal with the crisis and the impact on external stakeholders, internal communications can sometimes be forgotten. However, with the right approach, effective internal communication can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your crisis does not get worse.

Get your immediate response right

Immediately following a crisis (like the COVID-19 pandemic) is a period that can often be one of confusion caused by an absence of verifiable information. In most instances, your organization will be inundated with different questions, but it is important to start by establishing the facts you do know and then share a statement with employees that outlines what you know and explains when you expect to be able to update further. This will give your employees some peace of mind, and confidence in your organization's ability to manage through the crisis.

Publicize your channels

It is important that your employees know where to find the latest information during a time of crisis. This may be through your intranet, manager briefings, or perhaps through email and text alerts. It doesn’t matter which channel you use, the important thing is that your employees know where to get updates.

Remind employees of your crisis operating procedures and policies

When an unexpected situation occurs people can sometimes forget to follow the normal rules of the organization. When updating employees on the latest news remember to remind people of your specific operating procedures for crisis management. As an example, you may wish to remind employees of your social media policies so that employees don’t accidentally comment on issues that they shouldn’t.

Keep employees updated

Communicate on a regular basis with employees to let them know of any ongoing developments and what the company is doing to handle the crisis. A lack of information during times of crisis can be particularly unnerving for employees who may fill in the communication gap with their own speculation and rumor. Consider developing an hourly or daily bulletin where the latest information will be released to everyone rather than devolving different messages to different parts of the organization.

Use OnLocation to help with crisis notices

The important notices add-on enables you to share critical notices in a timely and simple way, keeping your organization and those in your duty of care safe and secure.

In the event of a crisis event, important notices can be used to:

  • Inform employees of the crisis.
  • What your immediate response is going to be.
  • Where they will be able to find the latest information.
  • How often your organization will provide updates. 
  • Remind them of your crisis management operating procedures.

To set up an instant message: 

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Select Important Notices.
  3. Create a New Notice.
  4. Select Instant Message as the notice type. 
  5. Enter a notice name. This will be used as the subject if sending an email.
  6. Select email as the delivery method. 
  7. Enter your message. 
  8. Choose the audience. Under the Employees dropdown, select 'All Employees' > 'From this Location' 
  9. Click Preview Notice to check your notice before sending. 
  10. Click Send, then click Send again to confirm.

Your instant message will now appear in the list of important notices sent.

You can review who has viewed the message in the Notification Summary. View logs under Reporting > Notification Summary. You'll need the Reports Manger user role to access reports. 

About audiences

You can create instant messages for specific audiences. For example:

  • All Employees.
  • Employees in a specific department - this would require you to have the department an employee works in recorded in their OnLocation profile.
  • All Employees On-site - this would require your organization to be using the employee management feature that comes free with your OnLocation account.  Employee management allows your employees to tag themselves on-site and off-site via:
    • A Kiosk, or;
    • if using our free mobile app, OnLocation Mobile, they can sign in/out manually as they arrive at work or be automatically signed in/out using the geofence feature, or;
    • if you use a Brivo access control system, then via our Brivo Access Control integration. 
  • All Employees Off-site - this would require your organization to be using the employee management feature as described above.
  • Specific Employees - you can nominate one or more specific employees.
  • Employees with a specific role type - your OnLocation subscription allows you to create Employee Role Types and assign one or many role types to an employee. For example, you might create a role type called 'Emergency Management Team' or 'BCP Team'.