Working Remotely

How to enable and use options for working remotely. User Role required to enable this setting: Administrator.

As an employer you have a responsibility to keep those in your duty of care safe and secure.

Using WhosOnLocation you can have your employees sign in when working remotely (from home, visiting remote sites, working in the community or from the road) allowing you to:

  • See when an employee is signed in to work remotely
  • Communicate remote worker specific messages and acknowledgement notices

All while managing your duty of care.

Please Note: Working remotely is only available to employees, not service providers.

How to enable working remotely

Working remotely is enabled at the location level. If you have multiple locations enabled but not all locations are set up for remote working. Employees will only be able to sign into those that are set up for remote working.

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Automation & Occupancy from the left-hand menu.

  4. Select the Working Remotely
  5. Set Allow Employees from this location to work remotely to Yes.
  6. Click Save.

The option to sign in as working remotely for this location will now be available for your employees. Repeat these steps for further locations if required.

How to sign in as working remotely

Employees can sign themselves in/out as working remotely from WolMobile or the home page of the desktop application. They can also be signed in by the Sign In/Out Manager.

They cannot sign in as working remotely from a Sign In/Out Kiosk or an integration using our API, e.g. Brivo, Deputy, or a custom integration.

Signing in/out using WolMobile

To use WolMobile to sign in/out when working remotely you need to have the WolMobile integration enabled, your settings configured for employee sign in/out, and employees need to have access to WolMobile.

Click here to download an easy guide to share with your employees on how to use WolMobile to sign in to work remotely.

Locations with working remotely enabled will have an option to sign in to work remotely under their location name on the home page.

  1. Tap Work remotely under the location name.

  2. Tap Sign in.


At the top of the screen it will state that they are working remotely for the location.


Multiple Working Remotely Locations

If you have multiple locations in WolMobile with working remotely, you can enable the work remotely option on the home page for these by favouriting the location.

  1. Tap All locations.

  2. Select a location from the list.

  3. Tap the star in the top-right corner.


The Work remotely option will appear for the location on the home page.


Signing in/out using the home page

For employees to sign in/out using the home page they need to have access to log into the WhosOnLocation desktop application.

All employees who have access to WhosOnLocation can:

  • Pre-register visitors.
  • View and edit their contact information.
  • Change their login password.
  • Search for other employees in the system.
  • Receive updates about WhosOnLocation.
  • Sign in/out from the home page.

To perform any other functions or manage any settings, they need to be assigned user roles.

How to sign in/out as working remotely

When logged in, from the home page employees can sign in/out by selecting their current status in the top-right corner of the page:


Please Note: This sign in/out mode is referred to as Manual in all reporting.
  1. Click on the status.
  2. Click the status dropdown.

  3. Select Working Remotely.

  4. Click the location dropdown and select the location they are working at remotely.

    Please Note: Locations without working remotely enabled will appear in the list but will not be selectable.
  5. Click Update my Status.


The status on the home page will update.


Signing in/out using Sign In/Out Manager

Your Sign In/Out Manager can sign employees in/out when working remotely. This may be used by employees working in the field who call into your reception to be signed in by a receptionist, or employees leaving the office to go into the field needing to be changed to remote working.

The Sign In/Out Managers can also change employees from remote working to being on-site when they arrive at a location. This may be used when an employee has been working in the community and is returning to the head office.

To sign an employee in as working remotely:

  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Select the Employees.

  3. Select the dropdown next to Sign In for the employee.
  4. Select Working Remotely.


The Current Location of the employee will be set to Working Remotely.


To set an employee to on-site from working remotely, or vice versa, you must first sign them out. The option to sign them in on-site or working remotely will be available.

How to report on who is working remotely

You can report on who is working remotely from the People Presence report.

User Role required to access this reports: Reports User.
  1. Go to Reporting > People Presence.
  2. Set the Data Source to Employees.
  3. Set the Reporting Period.
    Please Note: The Report Period of On-Site Now will only show on-site employees, not employees working remotely.
  4. Click Add a Custom Filter.
  5. Select the filter option Working Remotely.
  6. Select the filter value Yes.
  7. Click Save Filter.

  8. Click View Report.


This will provide a report of everyone who is/was working remotely for the selected period.

If you want to see who signed in manually and who is using WolMobile, you can enable the Sign-in Mode column. If you want to view only one of these, e.g. signed in manually, you can add a custom filter for Sign-in Mode > Manual.

How to send important notices to employees working remotely

Employees working remotely and on-site may need different notices as they are working in completely different environments. You may want employees on-site to acknowledge hazards at sign in that won’t exist for those working remotely, or you may want to send a message to all employees working remotely that doesn’t apply to those on-site. With important notices you can specify your employee audience to include all signed in employees or separate them by status.

Using important notices requires this add-on to be enabled. Click here for more details.

Creating an important notice for employees working remotely

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Important Notices from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click Create a New Notice.

  5. Select the Notice Type:

    Acknowledgement Notices pop up during sign in or out, as mandated by your organization, and needs to be acknowledged by the audience.
    Instant Messages allow you to send one-off notifications.
  6. Enter the details as required by the type of notice.
  7. Set the Audience to Employees Working Remotely:

    Acknowledgment notice:

    Instant message:
  8. Click Save or Send depending on the type of notice.

Acknowledgment Notices will be presented to the employee when they next sign in/out as per your settings.

Instant Messages will be sent immediately by email and/or mobile as per your settings.

How to enforce signing in as working remotely

If you want to ensure employees are signing in as working remotely, you can set up Triggers to deny access when signing in as on-site. This will ensure you have accurate reporting and know that only those who are physically on-site have that status.

To use this feature, you must have the Triggers add-on enabled by the Account Owner and the Trigger Manager user role assigned. Click here for more details.

To set up your Trigger to prevent signing in as on-site when employees are signing in manually through the home page or using WolMobile:

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Triggers from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click Create a New Trigger.

  5. Enter the Trigger Name.
  6. Set the Trigger Status to Active.
  7. Set the Trigger Event to Employee Sign In.

  8. Click Next.
  9. In the ALL section click Create a New Rule.
  10. Select Employee Working Remotely > is the following > No.

  11. In the ANY section click Create a New Rule.
  12. Select Employee Sign In Mode > is the following > Manual.
  13. In the ANY section click Create a New Rule.
  14. Select Employee Sign In Mode > is the following > WolMobile.

  15. Click Next.
  16. Click Create a New Action.
  17. Select Deny Access – Deny Access to a Person.
  18. Set the Message Popup Style.
  19. Enter the title. This will appear at the top of the on-screen message.
  20. Enter the message. This will appear in the body of the on-screen message.
    Quick Tip! Use placeholders to enter dynamic information, e.g. {{ }} will enter the name of the employee. Click on View available placeholders to insert these.
  21. Add any further actions, e.g. notifications to supervisors.
  22. Click Save & Close.

You can enter more or less rules to change when you want the trigger to activate and add as many actions as required.

Employees will only be able to sign in as working remotely when using either of the above methods. This still allows any employees that are coming on-site to use the Kiosk, Sign In/Out Manager, and/or API integrations to sign in as on-site.

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