Changelog 65 – Identity Management updates and print requests

For our May 2020 product update, we are announcing multiple small changes to our Identity Management add-on including a new feature, print requests.

Print requests

Print requests is used in conjunction with creating ID cards to streamline the printing of ID cards at a centralized location. Print requests are created by the Identity Manager, received by a Location Print Manager, processed, and sent to the original location while being manually tracked in WhosOnLocation.

Click here for how to turn this on.

Click here for how to make print requests.

Click here for how to receive and manage print requests.

Identity Management updates

We have updated the interfaces for managing token types, holders, and given the ability for Identity Managers to add tokens to employee and Service Provider profiles.

Interface changes

The filters for token types are now found above the list (previously on the left-hand side).


Adding a new token type can be done directly from the token type list.


The token holders list can be accessed directly from the Identity Management left-hand menu. And filters are now found above the list with more options.


Adding tokens

From the token holders list, Identity Managers can add tokens to employee and Service Provider profiles. Giving Identity Mangers the ability to do this means tokens can be assigned without requiring full access to a person’s profile and administrative settings.


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