Pre-registered Visitor Touchless Sign-in

In this use case series, we highlight those settings that you must enable to deliver a touchless sign-in experience for pre-registered visitors.

Pre-registered visitor questions

While there is a wide range of questions you can ask your visitor during sign in, only certain questions can be answered during pre-registration. To ensure a completely touchless sign in experience, you must limit your visitor questions to the following:

  • Visitor name
  • From (Organization Name)
  • Email Address
  • Cell Phone (Mobile)
  • Evacuation Assistance


If you need to capture any other information, e.g. purpose of visit, photo, or custom questions, then a completely touchless experience is not yet possible. However, we will be adding support for these in the coming weeks.

Kiosk settings

To ensure your visitor doesn’t have to touch your Kiosk, you must disable the visitor summary screen and welcome greeting.

Summary screen

The summary screen is disabled from the Questionnaire Manager under Basic Questions Visitors > Other Options.

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Questionnaire Manager from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the Other Options sub-tab.
  5. Enable Bypass Summary Screen.
  6. Click Save.


Welcome greeting

The welcome greeting is disabled from the kiosk settings under the Mode tab.

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click View next to your kiosk.

  5. Select the Mode tab.
  6. Set the Visitor Greeting to None.

  7. Click Save and Close.

Additional features

To make an even better experience for your visitors, you can use these additional features.

User role required to access these settings: Account Owner.


Pre-registered visitors need to be able to scan a barcode or QR code to sign in without touching the kiosk. There are two methods of achieving this:

  1. Pre-print their badge pass which they can collect and scan on arrival.
  2. Send a WolPass including a barcode or QR code they can use to scan on arrival.

A WolPass is like an airline boarding pass which includes details about their visit, your location, and a barcode or QR code for scanning in. Visitors simply scan the WolPass on your kiosk without touching it to sign in/out.

Please Note: this requires an external scanner to be installed on your kiosk. Click here for details on setting up scanning on your kiosk.

Click here for information on setting up your WolPass.

Calendar Invites

This is a free integration with your subscription. Instead of requiring your employees to login to your WhosOnLocation account to pre-register their visitors, visitors can be automatically pre-registered when your employees invite them to a meeting in their Outlook or Google Calendar. 

Click here for more details.


To prepare your location for touchless pre-registered visitor sign in/out:

  1. Install a scanner on your kiosk.
  2. Disable the summary screen and welcome greeting.
  3. Limit your visitor questions.
  4. Enable the WolPass Add-on.
  5. Have your employees pre-register all visitors either:
    1. By granting your employees login access to your WhosOnLocation account.
    2. By enabling the Calendar Invites Integration.

When the visitor arrives on-site:

  1. They open the WolPass sent to them via email on their phone or pick up their pre-printed badge pass.
  2. Scan the barcode or QR code on the kiosk scanner.
  3. The visitor will be automatically signed in.
  4. Their host will be notified of their arrival.
  5. If using WolPass, a visitor badge pass will automatically print if enabled.
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