Touchless kiosk FAQ

Frequently asked questions about touchless kiosk features, security, and setup.

Are there any additional costs involved with this feature?

Great question. No, touchless sign in/out is included in your subscriptions at no extra cost.

Can all phones scan QR codes?

The majority of smartphones can scan QR codes through their camera or by using a QR code scanning app. For those who aren’t able to scan a QR code, we also display a web address and code that can be inputted manually.

What is the difference between touchless kiosks and OnLocation Mobile?

Touchless sign in is a great hygienic solution for visitors or employees or contractors who do not wish to download an app on their phone. 

OnLocation Mobile is a smartphone app designed for employees and contractors only.

Do touchless kiosks allow for badge printing?

Yes, absolutely. All of your current kiosk settings will carry over to touchless. As soon as your visitor has completed sign in, the badge pass will print automatically.

What happens if a visitor closes the webpage on their phone - how do they sign out?

Scanning the QR code on the kiosk again will present visitors, contractors, and employees with the opportunity to tap “Sign Out’ on the smartphone.

Do touchless kiosks work with inter-zone?

Yes, absolutely. QR codes can be scanned on inter-zone kiosks, allowing visitors, contractors, and employees to switch zones on their smartphone.

Are photos captured on the kiosk, or on the smartphone?

The photo will be taken on the visitor, contractor, or employee’s smartphone.

Does the people presence report show that someone has signed in with touchless?

Yes, you will be able to see if the touchless sign in method was used under the ‘mode’ column in the people presence report.

If someone is denied entry, will that show in the report too?

Yes, you will see the person's details in the report, including the time and date of their failed sign-in attempt.

Why do you recommend disabling returning visitor search?

This is a recommended security setting, to prevent the abuse of the returning visitor lookup feature which can expose the privacy of previous visitors to the location. For more information around recommended security settings, please refer to our touchless kiosk setup tips.

Do touchless kiosks use geofencing in the same way as OnLocation Mobile?

No they don’t. There is no need for visitors to download an app or grant location permissions on their smartphone. To ensure visitors are on-site when they sign in, we have used auto-refresh QR codes instead.

Can we change the maximum number of times the same QR code can be scanned, from 5 to any other number?

No, this is a security measure we’ve implemented. To clarify the process - when a QR code is scanned, the smartphone will prompt the user to follow a link and open the browser. Once this link has been followed, the QR code on the kiosk will immediately refresh. In the unlikely event a group scans the code at the exact same time, the code will only be valid for the first five people who follow the link. Any subsequent members of the group will simply need to scan the refreshed code on the kiosk.