Changelog 67 – Improvements to WolPass, WolMobile, run action, inductions, and custom questions

For our July 2020 product update, we are announcing multiple improvements to our existing features. These include:


WolPass account name

When sending a WolPass to pre-registered visitors, the WhosOnLocation account name is currently used in the subject and text of the email.

We've added the ability to change the account name for the WolPass. This removes any confusion when you have specific locations which are named differently from the account and allows for greater flexibility in your communications with visitors.


Click here for more details on how to set this up.

Run Action selection

The ability to Run an Action on profiles throughout WhosOnLocation is a great way to update several profiles with the same change. Selecting these profiles is now even easier.

Previously, you could only select profiles which were visible in the list on the page. You can now select profiles across multiple pages and searches before running an action to update them all.


WolMobile location accuracy improvement for Android

We have released a new version (1.2.5) of WolMobile for Android with a setting for improving location accuracy for automatic sign in/out.

The location accuracy setting uses a foreground service. This is always running on the phone which improves WolMobile’s ability to check the phone’s location. We have also included limitations to conserve battery as much as possible as you may find that it does use more battery than previously. You can enable or disable this setting in app though the Auto Sign In/Out setting in WolMobile.


Click here for more details about this notification.

Induction setting options

We have added new options for induction renewal periods and course attempts.

Induction renewal period

We have added a new renewal timeframe to inductions. You can now choose to set your renewal period for 3 months. Setting a renewal period means if a learner has not renewed within this period the induction will expire and access can be denied.


Induction course attempts

Learners can now have a maximum of 10 attempts to pass an induction course. Previously this was set to 3 attempts only.


Click here for how to manage your induction settings.

Custom questionnaire display frequency

When using custom questions, you can set how often a questionnaire is displayed, these include every time, only once, and once every X days. You can now set your custom questions to displayed once per day. This is perfect when you have people coming and going throughout the day and you only need to ask questions at the start of that day.


Click here for more details on creating a custom question.

Department run action

We have added the ability to add or remove employees from departments in WhosOnLocation using the Run Action menu. Departments can be used for reporting, automatic actions, and notifications.


Click here for more details on how to update employees using Run Action.

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