Changelog 68 – Touchless kiosk

For our July 2020 product update, we are very pleased to announce our new touchless kiosk.

As we all navigate a different way of working due to COVID-19 our needs have also changed including a greater caution with touching surfaces in common areas. Our new touchless kiosk brings all the features of our standard kiosk without the need to touch the kiosk.

You can now offer this simple and easy to use touchless solution to your visitors, services providers, and employees to sign in and out of your organization using their smartphone.

All they need to do is scan the QR code on the kiosk using their smartphone’s camera, to access the kiosk from their own device allowing them to sign into your locations securely and safely without having to download an app.

Those using the touchless sign in and out will receive the same experience as signing in via the kiosk including custom questions, photo capture, multi-language and NDA’s. Click here for details on the user experience.

The touchless kiosk enhances our no-touch sign in and out features. These include:

  • Employees and service providers scanning in and out using their ID cards or WolMobile
  • Pre-registered guests using WolPass

Our touchless kiosk bring you the benefits of a hygienic, touchless sign in and out solution for your visitors, service providers and guest.

Click here for details on how to set up your touchless kiosk.


When using a touchless kiosk, you are giving visitors, service providers, and employee access to kiosks linked to your account on their device. To ensure this is used responsibly, we have several security features specific to our touchless kiosks. Users can access the touchless kiosk two ways via a QR code or using a URL and code.

Click here to learn more about the security features.

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