Changelog 69 – Custom questions for WolMobile and Sign In/Out Manager

For our September 2020 product update, we have launched one of our most requested feature updates. The enhancement of custom questions:

Custom questions expansion

Our popular custom questions feature allows you to tailor the questions you ask your employees, service providers and visitors as they sign in/out of your locations. Custom questions are ideal for pandemic screening or asking questions at your sites with specific requirements before granting access.

Until now custom questions were only available at the kiosk. From today they are also available via our WolMobile app and the Sign In/Out Manager.

Please Note: WolMobile users will need to update the WolMobile app on their phones to receive custom questions. iOS app version 1.1.7 and Android app version 1.2.6.


How to enable your existing custom questionnaire on WolMobile and Sign In/Out Manager

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to the location your questionnaire is set up.
  3. Select Questionnaire Manager from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the Custom Questionnaires tab.
  5. Click the Active status next to the questionnaire.
  6. Click Activate.
  7. Select Sign In or Out next to WolMobile and/or Sign In/Out Manager.
  8. Click Save.


Layout and activation improvements

We have improved the layout of the questionnaire management page to include a process for activating custom questions along with design improvements.


  • The preview buttons have been combined into one button featuring a dropdown to choose the type of preview.
  • The add question button has been moved below the questions for greater usability.
  • The status indicator allows you to select where you want to activate the questionnaire.

To activate your questionnaire from this page, click on the status, select Activate, and select where you want the questionnaire to appear including kiosks, WolMobile, and Sign In/Out Manager.


You can also do this from the list of questionnaires as above.

Please Note: Inter-zone kiosks are not available and still follow the existing setup method. Click here for more details.

Optional Sign In/Out Manager questions

To streamline the sign in/out process for Service Providers and employees via the Sign In/Out Manager, you can now make basic and custom questions optional based on your needs with the following pre-defined rules:

  1. Quick sign in/out – no questions are asked.
  2. Present basic & custom questions.
  3. Present status summary – asks all questions after presenting a summary screen of the person.


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