Custom question triggers

Combine triggers with custom questions to deny entry, provide conditional information to someone signing in, notify employees when specific conditions are met, and more. You need the Triggers Manager and Administrator user role to access these settings.

Set up a custom question trigger

Before setting up your triggers, you need to know when the custom questions will be used, i.e. sign in, sign out, or inter-zone, and who the audience is, i.e. employee, visitor, or contractor. This will determine the trigger event.

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Triggers.
  3. Click Create a New Trigger.

  4. Enter the name.
  5. Set the Trigger Status to Active. You can do this after you have finished setting up the trigger if you don’t want it to be active immediately.
  6. Set the Trigger Event based on the audience of the questionnaire and when it is displayed, e.g. Employee Sign In, Visitor Sign Out.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Enter the custom question rules. See below for more details.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Enter the Trigger Actions.
  11. Click Save & Close.

Click here for more details on how to set up a trigger.

Custom question rules

There are two ways you can use trigger rules with custom questions based on when:

  • Any of the conditions are met – If you want to activate a trigger if any question is answered a certain way, you need to set up each answer as a different rule in the ANY section of the trigger rules.


  • All the conditions are met – If you want the trigger to activate if all questions answered in a specific way, you need to set up each answer in a rule in the ALL  section of the trigger rules.


Example of common custom question trigger

How to configure your trigger to deny entry based on the answers to custom questions.

The trigger event is set to Employee Sign In because that’s when the questionnaire appears.


The trigger rules are set up so if any of the questions are answered indicating there might be an issue the trigger will activate.


The trigger actions are set up as a deny access message for the employee and email the operations team.