Changelog 70 – Granular basic questions and hosted employees

For our October 2020 product update, we are pleased to announce changes to basic questions. Users now have granular control over where basic questions are displayed and the option to ask employees to select a host when they are visiting your other locations. 

Granular basic questions

We have enhanced the Questionnaire Manager so you can ask detailed questions when employees or service providers sign in/out. Previously, if a question was enabled, it was asked by default at your Sign In/Out Manager, kiosk, or when pre-registered. You can now enable each of these display options, along with WolMobile for employees and service providers. These changes give you greater granularity over the questions asked through the different sign in/out methods.


Hosted employees

If you operate multiple locations, and employees travel between those locations, you may want them to be hosted by other employees. This is now possible through the hosted employees feature.

Hosted employees enables visiting employees to select an employee from the location they are visiting, when signing in, to host them while on-site. You can enable this from the basic employee questions.


Employee arrival notifications

Arrival notifications are sent when a hosted employee signs in. The notification provides details to the employee hosting them. These notifications appear the same as when hosting a guest. If you don’t require the employee to select a host, you have the option to enable a notification to be sent to select recipients when visiting employees sign in.


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